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A Perfect Touch Of Class

An Emergency Story

By Richard C

A Perfect Touch Of Class

By Richard C.


Sypnosis: (Join Johnny, Roy, a couple of female pop sensations, the

medical staffs at Rampart Emergency, the engine crew of Station 51, and

the rest of the gang for the first of twelve amazing E! serials of this

perfectly and classy Emergency fan fic story!)

Rated PG-13


It was a cold Monday morning in Carson California, John Gage quickly

entered the dorm room to change from his street clothes to his working

uniform along with a Navy jacket and after he had changed to his

uniform, he left the dorm room to enter the break room to meet with Roy

and the engine crew and get himself a hot cup of coffee as well..


"John, my office i need to speak with you" Captain Hank Stanley told



"Sure Cap, i'll be there in a second" Johnny acknowleged.


Johnny quickly entered the Captain's office to speak to him in person as

he told him to close the door after he went in.


"Have a seat" Hank instructed.


Johnny followed his Captain's orders as he sat down on a nearby chair

next to his desk.


"I just got a call from Headquarters and the chief told me that we will

be having a special visit from our visitors in this station this

Saturday morning at 8:30 AM, to talk about a special romantic dinner

date that Betsy and her boyfriend Andy that they will be having at a

local italian restaurant this Saturday night" Hank informed Johnny.


"Is that a fact, Cap?" asked Johnny.


"Of course it is, and Stephanie will be performing on stage to sing a

few musical numbers in honor of their dinner together." Hank replied.


And then Hank told Johnny "Plus on Wednesday, we're also gonna be having

another special visitor here to have a ride along with us"


"Uh, who?' Johnny asked in wonder.


"It's your best friend from college named Nancy Wilkinson, who happens

to work as a copy editor working for the number one entertainment

celebrity magazine company called, Great Poise.." said Hank.


"Sure, i can dig that" Johnny acknowledged.


"I'm sure you will, John" Hank told him. and then said, "Roll Call In

five minutes."


"Right, Cap" Johhny responded as he left the office to go and have

coffee with Roy and the crew in the breakroom.




Elsewhere in Carson, Strawberry Blonde-haired Pop Sensation Stephanie

Mercer was in a very good mood when she checked in for work at the

recording studio that morning as she was wearing a beautiful long

sleeved Brown ribbed knitted turtleneck sweater to go meet her

Dark-haired best friend and co-backup singer, Betsy Lang who was also

wearing the same gorgeous long sleeved turtleneck ribbed knitted sweater

as Stephanie was wearing but in a Red colored one for breakfast at a

nearby break room and to have personal and friendly conversations with

each other as well..


"Whoo hoo, good morning Betsy!" Stephanie exclaimed very happily.


"Morning Steph, hi there!" Betsy smiled back at her best friend.


"What you got there?"


"Oh, nothing much just some cupcakes and two cartons of milk for us for

breakfast that's all."


"Ooh, awesome, let's eat some!"


As they sat on one of the tables with their chairs facing next to each

other, Stephanie and Betsy were talking about her boyfriend and fellow

firefighter/paramedic from Station 36, Andy Muir..


"Guess who i saw over the weekend?" Betsy inquired.


"Who, Betsy?" asked Stephanie.


"Andy Muir, my new boyfriend and fellow Paramedic/Fireman from Station

36, he's very cute!!" Betsy exclaimed with a seductive smile.


And then she also told her "Later today, i'm gonna go see him again and

i'm gonna ask him out on a dinner date with me somewhere this weekend!"


"Really?" Stephanie asked.


"Yeah, Steph really, he's very sweet, handsome and very charming too!!"

Betsy giggled.


"Beautiful!" Stephanie exclaimed very happily.


"Yeah i know, he's very cute!" Betsy responded with another giggle.


"When are you gonna ask Andy out?"


"Probably this Saturday night over dinner at a beautiful new italian

restaurant not far from here or from Station 51's area, and then maybe

go see a movie too!"


 "I'm so very happy for you, Betsy!" Stephanie happily told her best



"Yeah Steph, me too!" Betsy responded back with a very breathtaking

happy smile.




Back at Station 51, Johnny and Roy were at the engine bay just finishing

up on stocking up a few supplies and checking to see that everything was

in order before putting them all back in the squad's compartment and as

they  continued working on checking the supplies, Johnny was telling Roy

about his best friend from college and copy editor, Nancy Wilkinson.

"I saw Nancy a couple of days ago on a Saturday" Johnny told his



"Really, how did it go?" asked Roy.


"Oh, not bad at all she loves to dance to all kinds of music and eat all

type of good foods and everything in between that's all." Johnny



And then Johnny also said "Plus she also wears the same sleeveless

evening gown that Stephanie is wearing but in a light blue coloring and

not to mention also a long sleeved ribbed sweater in a red colored one



Roy was about to respond to his answer when the tones had stopped them

short signaling them to respond to their first call of the shift as they

get up to put away their trauma gear in the squad's compartment.


"Squad 51, Engine 36, possible heart attack at the supermarket parking

lot, 1641 Ravenhurst, 1-6-4-1 Ravenhurst, Cross Street Sungrove,

Ambulance is responding, Time Out, 09:21.."

Sam's voice announced over the speakers.


"Squad 51, KMG 365" Captain Hank Stanley acknowledged.


The squad left the station,, lights and sirens on full blast..




As Squad 51 was responding with Engine 36 to that possible heat attack

response across town, Chrissy Glass, a 24 year old copy editor working

at a entertainment celebrity magazine company called "Sparkiling Hills"

was on her way back to work where to what to her surprise, she spotted

her best friend who was also a copy editor about 25 years of age from

"Great Poise" another entertainment celebrity magazine company named

Nancy Wilkinson who she had known her since junior college so she made

her way to see her best friend in person.


"Nancy? is that you?" asked Chrissy in a surprised shock.


"Chrissy, yes, it's me!" Nancy shouted very happily.


"Hi, there!" Chrissy exclaimed with a smile as she and Nancy hugged each

other and started having their morning conversation together.


"How's it going this morning?' asked Chrissy.


"Oh, just beautiful to say the least!" Nancy responded with a smile.


"That's wonderful"


"It sure is"


Then Chrissy asked Nancy in a slight suggestion "Would you like to go

somewhere and have a cup of coffee with me before we head on back to



"That would be beautiful, Chrissy let's do it!" Nancy smiled.


"Beautiful!" Chrissy responded with a giggle.


Chrissy and Nancy went somewhere to go and have a coffe break before

they both head on back to work on various jobs and at two different






One hour later as Johnny and Roy were returning to the station from

picking up some supplies at Rampart Emergency and from responding to the

call with Engine 36 involving a man about 45 years of age who had a

suffered a mild heart condition and who is now at the hospital under the

care of the hospital's medical staffs and he was gonna be fine and

everything, Johnny continued telling Roy about his best friend, Nancy



"Squad 51, Available" Johnny replied to the dispatcher as he placed the

mic back in its proper position.


"Squad 51" Sam's voice responded back.


"Roy, i gotta tell ya' Nancy is a very groovy chick, and when we go and

see her this Wednesday at the station, she'll might consider riding

along with us in the squad when go out on runs or something" Johnny told



"Yeah i know, Junior plus she'll might try and go see and work things

out with her boyfriend David as well" Roy added.


"David Carlton, the tv sportscaster from KJRZ TV 8?"


"That's Correct."


And then Roy also told Johnny " I hear that Nancy and David are both on

and off again boyfriend and girlfriend since they are not getting along

with each other that well"


"Why, what happened?" asked Johnny.


"The two lovebirds got into a bad fight and in a horrible angry shouting

match with each other about not spending time with one another and of

course always thinking about their careers and everything too." said




"For real?"



"That's right, Johnny."



"But i'm sure they'll work things out soon enough, right?"





"LIsten, why don't we go back to the station and fill out some reports

on our log book and have a cup of coffee while we work on them" Roy



"Sounds good to me" Johnny acknowledged.


The rest of the ride back to the station was in complete silence after





As soon as the squad was back at Station 51 parked next to the engine of

the station's vehicle bay, Johnny and Roy got out of the squad and went

inside the break room to grab themselves a hot cup of coffee where

Stephanie and Betsy were seated at the table waiting to meet and greet

them in person as soon as they went in.


"Hi, Sweetie, Hi Roy!" Stephanie exclaimed happily while eating her



"Hi there, Steph!" Johnny smiled back.


"Hello there, Steph." Roy responded.


As soon as Johnny and Stephanie gave each other a couple of quick

greeting kisses, Betsy greeted Roy in person.


"Hi, Roy!" Betsy happily greeted.


"Hello, Betsy, how's it going?" Roy asked  greeting Betsy.


"Pretty Good, just super good!" Betsy smiled.


Then Betsy asked and told Roy for some great news "Hey, guess who

Stephanie and i spotted someone somewhere downtown when we came down

here to see you guys?"


"Who?" asked Roy.


"My cousin, Chrissy Glass and her best friend as well as Johnny's best

friend Nancy Wilkinson, we spotted these two beautiful women over at her

working place at "Sparkling Hills Magazine" just talking and having

personal conversations while having their coffee time together someplace

and Chrissy is also his best friend too." Betsy replied.


"Yeah, and Nancy had just recently going through a bad break up with her

boyfriend and tv sportscaster David Carlton and they haven't spoken to

each other ever since." Stephanie added.


"Oh, how awful" Johnny told Stephanie in disbelief.


"Yeah, tell me about it Sweetie" Stephanie responded.


Just then as they were continuing with their midday conversation, the

tones sounded again but it was suddenly only for the engine crew with

additional tones from other fire companies coming in.


"Station 45, Station 36, Engine 51, Squad 10, Truck 106, Battalion 14,

Explosion at an abandoned refinery, 91259 East Harris, 9-1-2-5-9 East

Harris, Cross Street Tait, Time Out, 10:48.." Sam's voice responded over

the speakers.


"Engine 51, KMG 365" Captain Hank Stanley Acknowledged and then join

their crew on the Ward Lafrance engine.


As soon as the engine left the station with lights and sirens on full

blast and a couple of blasts of the air horn, Stephanie had got up from

the chair to go and see the station's mascot named Henry who was sitting

on the couch.


"Hey Johnny, is that the cute dog who is sitting on the couch?"

Stephanie inquired.


"Yeah Steph, his name is Henry." Johnny told Stephanie.


"Awesome, hi Henry!" Stephanie greeted the dog with a great smile as she

petted him real gently.


"Henry has only been here with us for a few months he's still new here

with us" Roy explained to Stephanie.


"Yeah i know, but he is still a very cute dog!" Stephanie replied with

another seductive smile.


Just then, the tones sounded again and this time it was for the two

medics signaling them for another response.


"Engine 8 in place of Engine 51, with Squad 51, Unknown type rescue at

the school, Corner of Lyon and Pine, Lyon and Pine, Time Out, 10:54.."

Sam's voice announced over the speakers.


"Squad 51, KMG 365" Roy acknowledged as he called Johnny to roll on for

another call. "Johnny, let's roll!"


"Coming, Roy!" Johnny shouted back and then turn his attention to



"Sweetheart, listen i have to go now gotta run to go on i'll see ya

later" Johnny told her as he left to join Roy on that rescue call.


"I'll be waiting, Sweetie, i love you!" Stephanie replied.


"Me too, Steph, see ya later" Johnny replied back as he went in the

passenger side of the squad while Roy was in the driver's seat.


The squad left the station with lights and sirens on full blast while

Stephanie and Betsy continued to pet the dog Henry to stay with him a

little bit longer before they return to work at the recording studio.



Moments Later, Squad 51 arrived with the engine crew from Station 8 at

the location of the Carson Junior High School at the corner of Lyon and

Pine Streets where Captain Bo Jacobson and a male math teacher named

David Daniels met them at their incident.


"Gage, Desoto, this is David Daniels he's a fifth grade math teacher in

Room 9 he would like to talk to you both about one of the students"

Captain Jacobson instructed the two medics.


"Okay, Cap we'll take it from here" Roy replied.


"Sir, what happened?" asked Johnny.


"One of my students named Julie Haskell, she's about 13 years of age she

has trouble breathing i think she's having a seizure." Mr. Daniels



"How long ago did it happen?"


"About 15 minutes ago, she just laying there on the floor she wouldn't

move or wouldn't even wake up either, you must help her.."


Johnny and Roy stared at each other in a very total disgusted shock.




Across town and at "Sparkling Hills Magazine," Chrissy was working on

some reports and fixing up some files when suddenly the phone rang as

her best friend and secretary Cynthia Rossi went to her desk to take the



"Hello, Sparling Hills Magazine, Cynthia speaking" she spoke.


"Hello, is Chrissy there?" the voice of Chrissy's on and off again

boyfriend ad tv sportscaster Derek Thomas asked.


"Yes she is, hold on a second." said Cynthia.


"Chrissy, it's mr. wonderful, Derek Thomas, he wants to speak with you"

Cynthia told her.


"Okay, i'll take it!" Chrissy happily exclaimed as she tokk the call

from Derek.


"Hi, Derek, Sweetie!" Chrissy greeted her boyfriend happily.


"Hey there, Apple Girl, how's it going?" Derek asked.


"Just wonderful, that's all!" Chrissy smiled.


"Are you very busy with work?"


"Sure am, but i still like to talk to you though!"


"That's very good to know"


"Yeah, Derek me too"


Then Chrissy asked "Sweetie Listen, do you want to go and have lunch

with me somewhere this Wednesday?"


"Sure, honey where to?" Derek inquired.


"How about that new beautiful outdoor italian restaurant called A

Slieght Touch, on the corner of Sheldon and Harrisburg Streets!" Chrissy



"Sounds good to me!" Derek responded.


"How about at 12:30 PM?"


"That's pretty fine with me!"


"Beautiful!" Chrissy exclaimed very happily.


Cynthia then told her sister and co-secretary Ellen Rossi that Chrissy

has got hersef a lunch date with her loving man and tv sportscaster.


"Ellen, i think Chrissy has got herself a lunch date with Derek on

Wednesday!" Cynthia smiled.


"Yeah, Cynthia i know vwhat you mean." Ellen replied.


"Okay Derek, see ya then, bye sweetie, i love you!" Chrissy exclaimed

with a breathtaking smile.


"Me too, Apple Girl, see ya then.." Derek responded.


"Bye, take care!" Chrissy giggled as she hung up the phone to return to

work on her files.


And then Chrissy let out a short "Whoo, yeah, beautiful!!" happy shout

as she continued working.






Johnny contacted Rampart Emergency on the Bio-phone and relayed the

information to Doctor Kelly Brackett that the 13 year old female victim

had only suffered a chest pain and had only been unconcious for 25

minutes, and the vital signs were BP was 110/81, pulse was 31, and the

respirations were 13 and there were no signs of any seizure, and the

victim was now in sinus rythym.


Dr. Brackett ordered Johnny to start an IV with Normal Saline and

transport as soon as possible since the E.T.A. to the hospital was 15

minutes from the school.


With that, Johnny confirmed and acknowledged the doctor's orders and

hung up the Bio-phone.



A few minutes later, both emergency vehicles arrived at Rampart

Emergency to have the ambulance attendants Walt Baylor and his partner

Armand Azhar wheel in the teenage female patient to transport to Room 4

for assesment and observation under the care of some finest medical







Johnny and Roy were just about to head on back to the station to fill

out some reports on the log book when suddenly the squad's radio tones

came to life once again signaling the two medics to respnd to another

rescue rsponse as the dispatcher's voice came in from the squad's



"Station 8, Truck 8, Foam 65, Engine 10, Squad 51, Engine 28, respond to

second alarm with Engine 45 at their incident, Explosion at an abadoned

refinery, 91259 East Harris, 9-1-5-2-9 East Harris, Cross Street Tait,

Time Out, 11:35.." Sam's voice responded.



Roy flipped on the lights and sirens as Johnny acknowledged the call to

the dispatcher as they donned their helmets on their heads and responded

to that call as well.


"Squad 51, 10-4" Johnny responded.


"Station 8, KMG 356" Captain Jacobson's voice responded from the squad's




"Sounds like a big one, Roy" Johnny told Roy.


"Yeah, Junior it's no picnic when it comes to rescue calls like these"

Roy responded.



Elsewhere in Carson as Roy and John respond to that refinery explosion,

Stephanie and Betsy were back at the recording studio getting ready to

record a new song from her current album Life Goes On called "Candy

Love" and it's a bouncy fun pop song about a woman like Stephanie

herself just can't get enough of her loving man and she wants to spend

her entire life with him, especially Johnny himself..


And as Stephanie was about to get ready to sing another great tune, her

best friend and guitarist Daniel Rutherford ran over to the break room

to tell her that she has a phone call from a woman named Susan Reed, a

female co-backup singer/dancer and best friend of another female pop

sensation Julie Lee Shannon, in which is also her best friend.


"Stephanie, phone call, it's from a woman named Susan Reed" Daniel told



Okay Daniel, i'll be there in a sec" Stephanie responded back to Daniel.


Quickly she left the break room to take the call from Susan from the

mangager's office.



"Hello, Stephanie speaking" she spoke.


"Stephanie, it's me i need to see you after work" Susan's voice



"What's going on?"


"It's about my ex-boyfriend Ben, he wants nothing from me or have

anything to do with me ever again!"


Stephanie can hear Susan sobbing uncontrollaly on the other end of the

phone's receiver and then asked "Why? what happened?"


"I've tried to beg Ben to give me another chance and to apologize to him

for the way i behave real badly and for the way i broke up with him

after we've had an awful angry falling out about work, stress, going non

stop back to back concert tours, and about money to top everything off

and not being able to spend time with each other or anything either, and

when i've tried to tell Ben that i love him and to give our love another

chance and that i want to stay with him forever, he angrily slapped me

across the face and told me to get lost for no reason at all!!" Susan

continued sobbing very uncontrollably.


"Oh, no, did Ben hurt you?!" asked Stephanie in a slight horrified



"He only slapped me, Stephanie and i was mad at Ben when all he cared

about is work and not spending time with me or anything and i confronted

him when he cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend, Tabitha Phillips but

he denied everything since Ben and Tabitha were only having a one night

stand but they broke up with each other after that, i didn't mean to

break up with him but he just gets me so mad sometimes!" Susan cried.



Stephanie stopped for a moment to stare in the mirror in a complete

total disgusted shock then back to the phone to continue asking and

telling Susan on what the problem was.




Several minutes later at the location of that awful refinery explosion,

the fire was finally under control and only a couple of injured workers

including one injured fireman from Station 45 were being transported on

different ambulances to Rampart Emergency for assesment and observation

under the care of some fine medical staffs and all fire companies were

out for 20 minutes for a complete mop up before heading on back to each



"Man, i'm beat and i'm hungry, why don't we get something to eat for

lunch before heading on back to the station" Johnny suggested.


"I think that's a good idea" Roy acknowledged.


"Cap, John and i are going somewhere for lunch, i'll see you at the

station later" Roy instructed the Captain.


"Okay, Roy but hurry back there's a lot of cleaning up to do" Hank



With that, Roy confirmed his orders when suddenly, the tones sounded

again signaling the two medics to respond to yet another rescue



"Squad 51, respond to still alarm at Station 69, baby with difficult

breathing, ambulance is responding, Time Out, 12:11.." Sam's voice

announced over the squad's speakers.


Roy sighed in complete fustration and then acknowleged the call from

dispatcher Sam Lanier.


"Squad 51, 10-4" Roy acknowledged as he and John got in the squad to

respond to Station 69 on that possible baby with difficult breathing

response as it only took a few seconds to exit the refinery's location

and then sped off with lights and sirens on full blast.



"It looks like John and Roy are gonna be gone longer to these rescue

calls before we do, Marco" Chet told Marco.


"Yeah Chet, tell me about it" said Marco.


Just then, an unexpected visitor arrived at the refinery was none than

Betsy's evil and conniving sister and doctor Debbie Lang to angrily

confront on one of the firefighters.


"All right you two clowns, where are those two loser medics Gage and

Desoto?" Debbie demanded.


"Geez Debbie, you've got some stinking nerve showing your face around

here!" Chet spat.


"I said where's Gage and Desoto, hosehead?" Debbie again demanded.


"They went out on a run on a possible child with difficulty breathing,

Debbie, you can see them or reach them over at Rampart Emergency as soon

as you have a chance.." Marco replied in a calm voice.



Deebie thought for a minute and then angrily told them "I'll be seeing

those two dumb hose-jockeys later, so long!"


With that, Debbie angrily stormed off and got in her car and sped away

angrily at the location of that refinery.


"Chet, Marco, what's going on here?" Hank wanted to know.


"I wish i knew Cap, i wish i knew." Chet replied with a slight sigh.





Back at the recording studio and after Stephanie had finished talking to

Susan on the phone, she quickly hang up and placed the phone back on the

receiver as Betsy went inside the manager's office to see her in person.


"Steph, what's wrong?" asked Betsy in wonder.


"That was Susan Reed on the phone, a female co-backup singer and dancer

in Julie Lee's band she wants to see and talk to us after work later

tonight at the "Blue Star" nightclub over for some cocktails." Stephanie

told Betsy.


"What's wrong?" Betsy calmly demanded to know.


"I wish i knew Betsy, i wish i knew." Stephanie responded.


Then Stephanie and Betsy looked at each other in total shock trying to

find out what really happened?



Don't miss the next chapter and the sequel to "A Perfect Touch Of Class"

called "The Perfect Dinner Date" on the next exciting Emergency! fan fic




The End


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Richard C.

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