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Since this is a new site, I am accepting stories at this time. Please be aware that I only accept stories that are acceptable to all ages so please keep the language to a reasonable level and graphic sexual content out. No Slash will be accepted or story's containing John or Roy character deaths. See more about posting story requests on my home page. You can also see the allefanfiction@yahoogroups.com


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This is not an Emergency site but it is a beautiful site written and hosted by my sister Dawn

It's all Christian poetry, so for all you poetry lovers, this is for you.



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On September 29, 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting Randy

Mantooth in Chelsea Michigan during his run as Arther in Superior Donuts. My deepest thanks to Anela51 who helped me realize this dream.

Thought I'd share the moment...

On October 14th and 15th 2016, I once again had the privilege of meeting

Randy in Chelsea Michigan in his roll of Angus in Morning After Grace.

Always such a gracious man. Tammy

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