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 Welcome to my stories page. All of my stories mostly center around John and Roy and their relationship

as partners and friends. I have created a background that was never shared and a relationship that was never explored to it's fullest

potential in the show and a series of sagas that continue from story to story. That background and relationship may not be to everyone's

taste and if not feel free to create your own Emergency world. I'd be happy to post them for you on my site... Please see the Guest Writers page

for more details. My stories are dramas with a touch of humor and yes I reallize that if this many things happened to this poor man in real life,

John Gage would be locked up for his own protection. However, the good thing about this is it's Fiction so let's have fun with it.

Further, there has been some speculation that the particular disorder that I used in tthese stories would preclude John Gage from being a Fire Fighter

but this is not so. There are currently two that I'm 100% sure have Aspergers Syndrome Disorder and probably many more that simply haven't mentioned it.

One of them had the courage to post his journey to becoming a fire fighter on his site. Please don't sell these marvelous and gifted people short...

They are inspirational. While the characters of Emergency are the property of Universal Studios and MarkVII Ltd,

                                    WARNING: It has been brought to my attention that some less than honest people have been Site Skimming stories from this                                                page and altering and/or posting them on other sites. Site Skimming is illegal and the stories on this page are the sole property   

                                of the authors and are not to be posted on any other site without the express consent of the writer. Any infringement will be

                                reported to the FBI Cyber Crimes Division for investigation and or prosecution. The stories posted here and on my guest

                                 are the sole property of the Authors and are protected by the copyright on these pages. ANY alteration of these stories

                                                                                 is an act of plagerism and a Copyright Infringement.

Please don't forget to check out the Guest Writer's page. (See More >)

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Emergency Stories by Tammy


Partners: Forging A Friendship - Tells of  the growing friendship between John Gage and Roy DeSoto. The loss of a victim that should have survived sends young rescue worker John Gage on a path to find a better way. Along that path he will encounter a new partner and become a part of a family that will bring joy and heartache and will open up his past. He'll discover a new friendship... One that will last for a lifetime.

Heart of A Hero - Johnny befriends a young boy that he and Roy rescued from a building collapse, but the boys case of hero worship will spell heartbreak for the young paramedic.

And A Little Child Shall Lead - It's Halloween and John's getting a bit spooked but his crew will be even more so when the young paramedic disappears without a trace.

Betrayal - A misunderstanding tears partner's apart and will lead both to discovering a secret to John's past and sometimes quirky behavior and forces Roy to examine his feelings for his young friend.

A Season For Miracles - Johnny witnesses a robbery and the perpetrator tries to eliminate him before he can testify, leading John's friends to believe their young crew mate is dead.

A New Captain - A new captain can't see past Gage's youth and could spell the end of his career with station 51 until John prove's beyond a doubt how valuable he is.

An Eye For An Eye - A tragic collision leaves a grieving man set on revenge against the man who accidently killed his younger brother... Roy DeSoto. He plans an eye for an eye and Johnny is his target.

On Loan - A group of thrill seeking, smoke eating fire fighters try to lure Gage away from Station 51, threatening his partnership with Roy and forcing the young paramedic to face his own insecurities in their friendship. Judgment - Johnny's judgment when it comes to women is called into question and leads to Roy and a critically wounded Johnny being held hostage during a robbery orchestrated by his latest girlfriend..

This Is Your Life - A camping trip turns dangerous when a fall leaves both paramedics stranded on a ledge but gives Roy a chance to learn more about his troubled, young friend's life.

The Ride Along - Dr. Morton's questioning of Johnny's professionalism during rescues is answered as he watches the paramedics in action. John's abusive past is finally revealed to the crew.


Rising From the Ashes - The death of a friends fire fighter husband has Joanne upset and frightened about losing Roy. Could this be the end of Johnny and Roy's partnership or Roy's marriage?

Sacrifices - John feels guilty while Dixie is forced to face some horrifying truths about her nineteen year old niece and learns some surprising insights about herself but not before her relationship with Johnny takes a hard hit.

Greater Love Has No Man - Johnny's finding conflicting attitudes about Christmas confusing until Roy and his family and the crew teach him the true meaning of Christmas.

A Dream Is A Wish... - After a car accident renders Roy unconscious, he dreams of a way to change the tragedy of his young friends life as a child.

Weights and Measures - A visit from a couple of Bureacrats could spell trouble for Johnny and possibly the end of his career.

Complications - Johnny's loss of his spleen causes a simple virus to turn far more serious in this continuation of Hypochondricap

A Question Of Friendship - John overhears a conversation and fears Roy's friendship is out of guilt and pity but a life threatening illness gives Roy the chance to set his friends fears to rest.

Truth or Consequences - Chris' white lie damages the trust between John and Roy and tears apart a friendship, leading to a dangerous lie of Johnny's own. Chris will experience his first taste of racial bigotry that will put Johnny's life in peril.

Adrift - A rescue at sea goes horribly wrong, leaving Roy and Johnny adrift at sea in a storm and facing certain death.

A Day for Giving Thanks - A morning of frustration turns into a truck load of regret for Roy when Johnny is injured and in danger of losing his legs and his life.

The Long Road Back - Roy tries to rebuild John's trust with the use of a new kind of therapy for his AS and Trauma disorders...Touch. A method to which Johnny is strongly resistant. Both will need to plumb the depths of their own emotions and insecurities to rebuild their family but a young female paramedic with her own instabilities may destroy them both.

Present To The Future - It's Christmas time and John misunderstands an argument between Roy and Joanne and thinks he's no longer welcome at the DeSoto's leading to a dream where an Angel shows him what his friends lives would be without him...Or was it a dream?


Tidings of Comfort and Joy - Christmas Eve becomes a stressful time for Joanne DeSoto resulting in serious repercussions for her and her family.

Revenge - A group of ex-convicts that John helped put away are paroled and set out for revenge.With no leads to follow the police are helpless so Roy set's out on his own to find him and save his young friend.

The Hunted - Women are being attacked by a psycho along the LA Freeways and the evidence seems to point to Johnny. Can his friends prove him innocent before one of his victims' husbands makes John the hunted?

Return - Johnny's questioning his life's path and returns home to Montana to confront his past and meets the woman who will hold his future.

Two Halves of a Whole - A fight between Roy and Joanne ends in tragedy and leaves Johnny with feelings of guilt for being the cause of the accident.  
  Eye of the Beholder - Rated PG-13 for sexual content.John's much awaited visit from his fiancee turns tragic when a rescue goes wrong. A woman from John's past may destroy both their love and possibly their lives.

Missing Family - Johnny must dig deep to conquer his grief and his own problem with Aspergers to find the DeSoto family who have been lost in a plane crash and return them to LA...Dead or alive.

International Incident - A chance meeting with a beautiful woman on a rescue could turn out to be a diplomatic nightmare for John

Christmas in Lame Deer - Rated PG-13 for sexual content and violence. John's return home to spend Christmas with his fiancee brings triumph, joy and pain for the young paramedic. Danella's news brings change and a new challenge for Johnny.

Closer Than A Brother - Chris' jealousy over his father and Johnny's relationship turns a camping trip into a fight for life.

Witness Protection - Playing nursemaid to a federal witness could prove to be deadly for Johnny and Roy.

Stand Alone Stories
Beginnings - Rated PG13 for violence and some sexual content. Explores John Gages past from his parents first meeting to John's first meeting with Roy. Part of the series but not exactly an Emergency story.  

Hazy Daze - A serious head injury goes undiagnosed and leaves Johnny wandering the city lost and in a hazy daze.

The Dry Wash - A hiking trip gets dangerous when John is trapped in a rapidly flooding dry wash, while Joanne and the children race to save their friend from drowning.

Mayday - A skiing trip turns sour when their small plane crashes leaving an Injured Johnny and Roy stranded in the frigid mountains.

Remembrances Of Things Past - Roy, his wife Joanne and her family reminisce about her long lost brother but could his new, troubled young partner hold the key to reuniting them as a family.
Video Link - He Ain't Heavy  



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