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Emergency Stories/Challenges

Share the fun...Create your own story using the idea's from the list below and email to tbillings51@gmail.com.

#1...Criss Cross - Create a Story Using Another Series from That Time Frame And Crossing It With Emergency

House Divided; House United

#2...Field Trip - Take The Station Crew or The Paramedics Around the World...From New York To Paris...Anything Goes.

#3...What Were They Thinking? -Be Honest...How Many Times Did You Think That During An Episode? If You Thought It Should Have Gone Differently, Re-write the scene.

#4...Holiday Time - Easter To Christmas...Any Holiday Is Fair Game.

   The Greatest Gift - It's Christmas eve and 51's A shift is on duty. The crew, particularly John and Roy, find their Holiday spirit replaced with aggravation and frustration; Until and unexpected situation puts things in perspective.


   Merry Christmas Johnny - An injury lands Johnny in the hospital for the Holidays. Can his friends make it merry anyway?


#5...Time Warp - A California Paramedic In King Arthurs Court?...Chet's Latest Invention Gone Insane, A Dream Sequence Or Find Your Own Method...Any TIme Period Goes.

Squad 51 on the Ponderosa - Johnny and his friends have a long night...A very long night but was it only a dream?


#6...Fairie Tale Theatre - Story must contain either "Once Upon a Time"...Or "And They Lived Happily Ever After."

#7...Who's Line Is It Anyway - Pick A Line From The Soon To Be Published List Or Select Your Own...And Send It To The Up Coming Guest Writer Challenge Page.

A. Now I can't see you twit.

B. Can you put that on television?

C. When I am home...I'm sure not watching television.

#8...And Then What Happened - Take the ending from an episode and carry it on to it's Sequel.

Have fun writing and be sure to give the number of  the challenge you are responding to.



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