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This section is for guest writer's challenges only. Other than being sure their story's are PG-13 I am not responsible for the Story Content, Editing,

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I may have missed..

Challenge #1 By Richard C -  Johnny and Roy were buying a few items at a local supermarket before heading back to the station and while shopping for groceries, Johnny tells Roy that he has a special plans for an upcoming special dinner surprise for his best friend and copy editor Chrissy Glass and her boyfriend and tv sportscaster of four years Derek Thomas and now he and Roy will need Pop sensation and Johnny's girlfriend Stephanie Mercer to be their escort, in honor of the occasion.

     Challenge #2 By Mathew B- I have an Emergency fanfic crossover challenge idea. It involves another TV series titled The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Esteban,Zia,Tao & Mendoza,all adults,unknowingly travel forward in time from a certain part of the New World in the 16th century to what turns out to be present day Los Angeles in their aircraft known as the Golden Condor. An incident (think of what it would be) causes Mendoza to end up at Rampart Hospital along with some various things I challenge you to come up with involving both the Emergency & MCOG characters. Zia is female,Tao is male & Esteban is male. The aircraft known as the golden condor is shaped like a bird.Mendoza is an adult male.





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