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One Small Miracle

An Emergency Story

By Susie


One Small Miracle


I'm staring down the hallway

Frozen where I stand

Oh,lord what can I do

It's gonna take a miracle

That's why I'm asking you


So please don't you have a miracle

just lyin' around

One small miracle, nobody needs

Send it on down

I'll never make it through this night

Please don't you have

Just one small miracle left


I know I haven't been a saint

And asking you for anything takes nerve

'Cause you've already blessed me with so much more in life than I deserve

But if you can make a blind man see

and change the water into wine

Surely you can keep him from tearin' out this 'ole heart of mine


Please don't you have just one small miracle left?

- Bryan White


It was a dark and stormy night. The scientist had just unveiled his newest project. Made out of several broken pieces the monster began to awake. The scientist laughed joyously at his latest creation.

He clapped and cheered as the creation sat up. It was a man, a boy that he could teach.

A few minutes into the movie, Susie had fallen asleep into John's arms. They were the last couple to get married among the firemen at station 51, not to mention the entire department. They were expecting their first child. It had been a long day for both the fireman and the mother to be.

The alarm rang out. They grabbed their gear. They were like kids at Christmas, ready for the scene. On this job they had to be ready for anything. Both John and Roy walked back into the kitchen.

“Hey.” John said having a seat beside his wife.

“What time is it?” Susie asked groggily.

“It's 9:30, you want me to drive you home?” John asked.

“No. I think I can manage.” She said getting up. “I think that the most sleep I've gotten in days.”

John kissed her on the forehead. “You missed the movie.” He told her.

“I know I'll never hear the end of it from Chet.” She looked at him. “If you guys get a call tonight, remember us huh?” She said looking at him.

John looked up at Susie.“I always do.” He replied.

She glanced at Roy.“Please remind him not to try to save the world Roy.”

“I'll try.” He remarked.

She walked outside to the humid Carson air. Her mind went away from the evening sky. For a brief moment she was away from everyone, and everything. This weather reassured her reason for coming west. She got into her Envoy, and started down the highway.

A few minutes later she arrived at their house. She parked the Envoy in the driveway. She made her way into the house. The former race car driver, who stole hearts was ready to settle into a simple life of changing diapers and 3 am feedings. She had to be prepared, and would be.

“You have 2 messages. Message 1.” The answering machine said.

“It's Kal Brackett. I wanted to let you know I have the results of your ultrasound if you and Johnny want to come by Monday we can discuss it.” He said.

“Message 2.”

“Hello. It's Joe Early, I wanted to let you know that your leave starts on Monday, but I'm sure I'll see you around.” He said.

Susie turned on the tv as she went to make a bath. It was one of the few times during the day that she could relax. The doctors in the emergency department wanted her to take an early leave, but the citizens of Los Angeles wouldn't. She was a doctor first. Soon she would be a mom first.

“There's this cold front moving into the Simita Canyon. This system is moving in slowly to the northwest. By tomorrow evening this storm can create up to 3 feet of snow in some elevations. If you are in the center of this storm please leave your water at a trickle tonight. There's another cold front we are watching closely, coming in the first part of next week. It could dump even more snow. Let's check out those temperatures. Tonight the low should be around freezing in the canyon. Looks like the great pick for next week is Wednesday...” A meteorologist reported


Susie began taking off her shoes. The news began reporting on the latest home invasions and arrests. An uninterested, tired doctor climbed into the hot water for a relaxing bath. It was the first time all day that she remembered being alone. It was her moment.

The next morning both John and Roy were off duty. As soon as they pulled the squad into the station they ran into the locker room. Both men had been at a fire since midnight. They loved the job, but sometimes it made them wonder why they became fireman.

“Headin' home?” John asked Roy.

“Yeah. After last night I could use a couple of days off.” He told the father to be.

“I'm glad to be going home. After last night I could use a couple of days off.” John said getting dressed.

“That baby might come before your next shift. Ready for it?” He asked.

“I'm ready. I don't think Susie's ready.” John told Roy.

“Don't forget about the baby shower.” He reminded him.

“I still can't believe you talked a bunch of fireman into throwing her a baby shower. Remind me sometime how you did it.” John commented.

Roy chuckled.“That's easy. There's food.”

A few minutes later John left out for the highway. After last nights shift he could hardly keep his eyes focused on the road. He had to go home. A few days later he would be back on the shift. Right now he was going home to the one thing that mattered, Susie.

His Land Rover came to a rolling stop behind Susie's Envoy. He got out as the sun began rising. It would be one of the last times it would be quiet. No child crying. No mother crying.

Any day they could become parents. The next few days they spent putting the finishing touches on the nursery. They both were over joyed of the thought of a child. The joyous occasion they could share with everyone. It would be a definite learning experience for both.

It was Monday morning. Both John and Susie had a rare day off together, something neither of them would get until much later. It was all they could think about. The child they had prayed for finally was coming into their lives. Their lives would be better, because of it.

John looked over at the woman he had fallen in love with. Her dark brown hair as always, perfect. He knew what she was thinking no words could describe the relationship they had. They were two different people. He admired Susie, giving the ultimate sacrifice, giving their daughter life.

“Well hi Dix.” Susie said walking up to the nurses station.

“You ready for that baby to come?” Dixie asked the both of them.

“I don't know about her but I'm ready.” John commented.

Susie looked at Dixie. “I'm fine. He's the one I'm worried about.”

“Hey Roy.” John said as Roy walked up.

“Busy day?” Susie asked the paramedic.

“Nothing I can't handle.” He replied.

John asked looking around.“Who's your partner?”

“Today it's just me.” He said.

John spoke up.“I'll be your partner.”

“You're just dying to play with your squad aren't you?” Susie asked.

They both walked down the hallway to Dr. Brackett's office. John was thinking about how soon he could become a father. The thought almost scared him. He had the easy part. How would he react if he had to bring his own child into the world? He would have to wait and see.

“I just got back the ultrasound results. I'm glad to say that you are the first parents to use our 3-D ultrasound machine.” Dr. Brackett said handing the pictures to Susie.

“Ready?” She asked. “Oh my gosh.”

“That's incredible.” John said.

“That's our little girl. Now I truly can't wait to meet her.” She said almost crying.

“I think you're on schedule to be rocking that little girl in your arms in a couple of weeks.” Dr. Brackett said.

They began walking down the hallway.

“Congratulations you guys.” Dr. Brackett said rushing to a page.

“Now its seems real.” John said.

“Hey Dixie, you are the first one to see our baby.” Susie handed her the pictures.

“Have you guys thought about names yet?” Dixie asked.

“Names?” John asked.

“There a secret.” Susie said.

“You guys take it easy, and don't come in here to early.” Dixie told them.

John gave a simple wave.“Bye.” He told her.

“I don't know if it's me or these pictures, but I wanna cry.” She said almost crying.

“Don't start crying or I'll start crying.” He told her.

They walked through the busy parking lot to their SUV, and drove to the station. The station had grown into their second family. One that would love their child as if she were their own. She would become their princess. Helmet included.

“Hey you guys.” Captain Stanley said.

The older man had become their mentor, and even to some a dad. In all his years of service for the fire department he had never seen a finer crew. They too had become his second family. They were his children. Soon he would have his first grandchild. The first born into station 51.

“This is fantastic.” He said.

“I know she's so cute. I can't to wait to hold her in my arms for the first time.” Susie said.

Chet looked at the picture then at John.“Well she definitely looks like Johnny.”

“Well I am good looking.” John said confidently.

He winked at Chet.“Say Chet, you haven't seen that mouse have you?”

Chet smiled.“Oh, Johnny didn't tell you. It made a nest in your locker.”

"You'd think a bunch of fireman would keep their station as shiny as their engine.” She commented.

She walked outside to her Envoy. If there was one thing she wasn't, it was an exterminator. If the fireman, who risked their lives, couldn't keep up their station who could? That was the thing while she was around the station it was spotless. Now that she was on leave they had to clean for themselves.

“We got it.” John said walking out to the car.

“I hate to interrupt, but the captain would like to see you.” Chet said looking at Susie.

“Thanks Chet.” She said looking at him.

They walked into the kitchen.

She asked puzzled. “Wow. What's all this?”

They had a seat at the table.

“I would like to say the your baby will be the first one born into this family. It's about time one of you hose jockey's became a dad.” Captain Stanley said.

“So this is our way of saying congratulations.” Mike Stoker said.

“Thank you. It really means a lot.” She said almost crying.

Marco spoke up. “Here open mine first.”

Susie and John opened the gift.

“A little princess outfit.” Susie said.

“Thanks Marco.” John told him.

“Here, this one is from the paramedics.” Roy stated.

“It's got everything that we need.” John said looking at a box

“Are we to late for the party?” Dr. Brackett asked.

“Not at all grab a seat.” Captain Stanley said.

“Here.” Dixie handed Susie a box. “This is from the nursing staff.” She said.

“A baby monitor.” As Susie opened the box. “Thanks Dixie.” She said hugging her.

“And this is from Joe, Mike ,and me.” Dr. Brackett said.

“A dinner for two at the Hotel Atlas.” She said looking around. “And a bib. The future everything of LA.” Susie said laughing. “I want to thank all of you. I know that our baby will be loved.” She started to cry.

“The last one is from me.” Chet said handing a gift to her.

“Here you do the honors, daddy.” She said to John.

“Chet, I don't know what to say.” John said holding up a blanket.

“Congratulations, pal.” Chet said.

As the evening passed they went home. Their baby was truly loved, and she wasn't even born yet. John and Susie had more family than they realized. It was nice they had one. It was something they could share with their daughter.

“How did you convince of bunch of guys to throw me a baby shower?” Susie asked John.

“They wanted to do it. The hard part was keeping it a secret.” He said smiling.

“It was really nice of them. I hope that one day they can have the happiness we've found.” She said stealing a kiss from him.

The next morning began another shift for the fireman. Susie would have to await his homecoming until the evening. Both knew it might be the day they would met their daughter. Now their wish was being fulfilled.

A few minutes later he left. He was scared, not only for himself but for Susie. What if he was at a fire and couldn't get to her? What if he was on a full arrest? A million questions ran through his mind constantly.

He pulled out of the driveway as Susie looked on. They both wanted to cry. It would be only a few hours and they would be together again. The baby would change their lives. It was the one thing they needed, everyone needed.

“How's Susie?” Roy asked as John walked into the station's locker room.

“Nervous.” He replied.

“Yeah, I bet you are too.” Roy told him.

The alarm rang out.

“Station 51, child trapped number 2 road Simita Canyon. Number 2 road Simita Canyon. Time out 13:34.” The dispatcher announced.

Captain Stanley grabbed the microphone. "Station 51, 10-4 KMG-365."

The men ran to the engine and squad. From the nature of the call they knew it was serious. Each one headed to the scene. They would have to face what ever was coming. They always did.

The sky in LA was perfect. It hardly ever wasn't. The paramedics, and fireman didn't know what kind of conditions they would meet. That was part of the job. It would only be a matter of time before they did.

They began their long journey to the canyon. The one thing on John's mind wasn't the rescue, it was Susie. Roy felt the uncertainty he had. They had grown that close. The chill was about to hit them.

The air was much different than LA. Their turnout coats became winter coats. It was the first time in a long time they had encountered winter conditions. It was unfamiliar to them. They were outsiders, unknown the weather could change at any minute.

“Hey, there's a fire up the road.” A man said running up to them.

“We got a call a child was trapped.” John asked the man.

The man pointed. “I don't know maybe that house.”

“John, Roy you two start a search. We'll go ahead.” Captain Stanley told them.

They grabbed their gear off the squad and began their search.

“Hello, is anyone in here?” Roy called out.

“LA county fire department.” John yelled out.

They walked down the stairs. The house creaked as they continued their search. They stayed close. It was a small house, but unprotected to the elements. The wind from outside was blowing into every crevice it could find.

“Were here to get you out.” John called out. “Roy, I can't see nothin', most of this has collapsed.”

“Johnny, just be careful.” Roy told his partner.

“You first.” He told him


They continued their search.

“Roy, I don't think anybody's down here.” He said

“Let's get out of here.” Roy said.

As they walked across the floor neither fireman noticed the floor had given away. They were now standing on a frozen pond. The house slowing submerging into the water. The ice began cracking with their weight. Suddenly, they fell into the sub freezing water.

“Johnny, I'm coming.” Roy said trying to talk.

“I can't...” John fell underneath the ice.

Roy screamed.“Johnny!”

He dove underneath the water. He had to keep conscious, at least until he pulled John up to the surface. He found him trying to fight back against the water. Roy grabbed him. He looked towards the light of the surface, and found the strength to get above water.

“Just stay close to me.” Roy said to him.

“We're gonna...” He said trying to talk.

“I'm getting us out of here.” Roy said as he swam closer to the bank.

Roy began making his way to the bank. Both were not only trying to stay afloat, but alive. They could see the squad. It became clear that Roy was going to try everything he had to get them there. He was holding onto John with the last of his strength.

The ice continued to make a crackling sound. It was spreading as the remains of the house fell into the water. Debris fell into the ice and became frozen. If Roy didn't get them out soon, they could sucome to the same fate. The crackling had now spread to the edge of the roadway.

It was inching ever so closer to the squad. Both Roy and John made their way to the bank. To the life saving equipment that could save their lives. The ice gave away from the weight. Both John and Roy were forced underneath the ice by the sudden burst of water.

The squad fell into the water and began sinking. This time they struggled to bring their heads above water. Roy grabbed Johnny. It was almost impossible to grab him, but he had to find a way. He wasn't about to leave him to die. Somehow he found daylight.

Roy was barely conscious. John was not. His body was shaking heavily from the hypothermia. Roy looked into John's eyes, and saw something he never saw. The look of death in John's eyes. He lay on the bank looking at the partially submerged squad. He made a decision. If he could make his way back into the water he would find the blankets, and save Johnny.

With all the strength he had left he rolled back into the water. He floated to the squad. The door had been forced open. As he got to the squad, he fell underneath the water again. His head came to the surface. His vision became blurry. The blanket was out of his reach.

He fell unconscious. He lay close to the squad, while Johnny was on the bank. The engine crew had began making their way back to the scene. The scene they came upon was chilling. Two of them jumped into the water to reach Roy.

It became certain that one or both would die before they could get out the canyon. Miles from the hospital, and no life saving equipment they had to do the best they could. The men weren't going to give up. They became John and Roy's life support.

When the helicopter arrived they put John and Roy inside. Their thoughts soon were on board. If they had gotten the fire out in time they would have been to the scene quicker. Each one had their hearts on board. The faster the helicopter left, the faster they would get to Rampart.

Both Dr. Bracket and Dr. Early ran to the emergency entrance. Ordely's were continuing the life support. That was their only chance of survival. Both Dr. Early and Dr. Brackett were amazed they had made the trip. John and Roy, whom had worked side by side with the doctors, needed their help. Their lives were in their hands now.

“I want him in two.” Dr. Brackett ordered.

“Flat line.” Dr. Early announced. “Paddles”

“He's in sinus rhythm.” He said looking at a monitor. “Get blankets now!!!”

“Chest spreader. Normal saline lukewarm.” Dr. Brackett called out. “I'm in. Where's that saline?” He asked impatiently.

The doctor had Roy's heart in his hands. It made his hand almost numb with cold. He began squeezing his heart, and looking at the monitor. Any sign of life was a good sign. His heart began beating slowly. At least he had a heart beat.

“He's in sinus rhythm.” Dr. Brackett looked around the room. “Get all the blankets you can find.”

He looked at Dixie. “By the grace of God he made it here. Now we have to keep him alive.”

Dr. Brackett ran across the hallway to Johnny. Even though he was out of the water before Roy, his condition was worse. Any heat that his body had left had dissipated. He was on the verge of dying any minute. If he did he wouldn't be alone.

Dr. Brackett looked at Johnny. “You can't die!”

“He's stable, and hanging on.” Dr. Early told a nurse. “Send him to the intensive care unit stat!.”

Dixie walked into the room. “What are their chances?” She asked almost crying.

“Not Good.” He told her.

They walked out to the hallway. Most of the hospital was unaware what had happened. Life and death made the halls of the hospital. Both Dr. Brackett and Dr. Early looked at the engine crew awaiting news. Some were waiting on a miracle. Some awaiting the news they knew was forthcoming.

“How...?” The captain asked.

“Their stable, for now. Do you know how long they were in the water?” Dr. Brackett asked.

“I don't... We found Johnny on the bank, and Roy still in the water.” Chet said.

“Do they have a chance of survival?” Captain Stanley asked calmly.

“Their critical.” Dr. Early said.

Captain Stanley walked down the hallway. In his years of service he had lost fireman. He knew and told himself it was just part of the job. He also knew that paramedics weren't suppose to die. How could he tell John and Roy's families that they were almost gone? He had to find a way.

Minutes seemed like hours until Susie and Joanne got to the hospital. Both John and Roy needed to know someone was there. Their family close, all of their family. Maybe it would help them. They could survive, or could they?

“What's going on?” Susie asked as she walked up to the engine crew.

“Susie.” Captain Stanley said. “I have to tell you something, both John and Roy were involved in an accident.” He told her.

“Oh my god what happened? Where's Johnny?” She asked.

“They fell into a pond. Their both in serious condition.” He told her.

She got up and ran to the nurses desk. At first she wanted to be by John's side, that's all that mattered. She stood there and began crying. Both Dr. Brackett and Dixie walked over to her.

“Where's Johnny?” She asked her.

“He's in intensive care.” Dixie told her.

“I want to know where my husband is!” She said screaming.

“Listen to me. The doctors are doing everything they can to treat Johnny.” Dixie said trying to calm her.

She fell into Dixie crying. Both women cared deeply for Johnny. Because of Dixie, John and Susie met. Because of the hospital they had gotten married. Because of the hospital they had been preparing for their daughter. Now because of the hospital, she might lose him.

“Come on now. You've got to hold it together.” Dixie told her.

“Can I see him?” She asked wiping tears.

“As soon as the doctors get him stable.” Dixie told her.

A few minutes later Dixie, along with the engine crew walked her to the intensive care unit. By now she had no idea what kind of condition he was in. They brace themselves for the sight they may see. They had to be strong, not only for each other but for Susie. She needed them. They needed each other.

“Please don't die on me!” She said to Johnny. “I'm right here. I won't leave your side.”

She looked at the monitors. One's that she used everyday to save others. Now it was her husband that needing saving. If anyone could save him, it would be Dr. Brackett. She had to believe that he could.

She fell into Dr. Brackett crying. He too started crying, but kept his composure. Each one of the guys left the room. They couldn't face what had happened. At least while she was by his side.

“Ouch!” She said outloud.

“Are you ok?” Dr. Brackett said holding onto her.

“Ouch!” Susie cried.

Dr. Brackett yelled out the hallway.“Get that wheelchair over here!”

They rushed her downstairs to an open treatment room. The entire ride down the guys minds were taken off Johnny. They were now on her. Would she have her baby now? In the midst of these terrible events.

“Everything's going to be alright.” Dixie said trying to calm her.

“I want Johnny!” She cried out.

“Don't worry about him. Just focus on bringing this baby into the world.”

“I want Johnny!” She screamed out.

The next morning she awoke. She remembered bringing her child into the world. The rest she thought was a dream. She had imagined it. She would be awakened by John. That's what she needed, him and that baby. Things would be normal.

From the end of the hallway noise entered. She carefully got out of bed and walked to the wheelchair. She followed the noise to a room. There, doctors were trying to stabilize a patient. She was trying to see who the patient was. When the room filed out there she saw John lying in a bed.

“He's stable.” Dr. Brackett said looking at her. “You should be in bed, getting rest.” He told her.

“Can I see him?” She asked.

“Just for a few minutes.” He told her.

Dr. Brackett wheeled her into his room. At first she almost cried. Both her and Dr. Brackett looked at the monitors. John was alive and hanging on. She was his last hope.

“You have a beautiful daughter. I can't wait for you to meet her.” She said to Johnny. She looked at him.“Please just come back to me for one last time. You've got to fight for me and her.”


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