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Guest Writers Emergency Story's by




When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best - How do you commemorate that special day when your life was forever changed? A dialogue story celebrating Emergency!'s 40th anniversary in in January 2012.

Realizations - Joanne is forced to re-examine her feelings for John Gage when he comes to the DeSoto home to recover from the Koki Fever Virus.

I'll Be Home For Christmas - What do you cling to when all else is lost?

While you Were Sleeping - John's celebration at winning a bet with his partner turns to guilt and remorse when the squad is involved in a serious accident.

Fifty One Shades of... - Johnny's insomnia has the crew baffled at what's upsetting their youngest crewmember and it's up to Roy to discover what's wrong.

I Guess it Never Hurts to Hurt Sometimes - A continuation of the Season 7 movie "Greatest Rescues of Emergency!" After fondly looking back on his career as a paramedic with Roy DeSoto at Station 51, Captain John Gage realizes that there's one more memory that needs to be shared, only this one's not so pleasant to remember. Warning: Major character death (off-screen).



One Second is All it Takes- Racism takes a front seat when a seeming 'accident' on the freeway takes a more sinister turn and Johnny must try to help the police solve the puzzle.

Click - Johnny's pet peeve is explored.

Elevator Wars - MaryKay's response to Ginger's challenge story about being stuck in an elevator. John is trapped in an elevator but he's not alone... Roy's mother in law is with him. .

Golden Waterfall


Celebration of Life - Finally healed from the horrors of a rescue gone wrong, an international tragedy hits close to home for Johnny and Roy.



What Dreams Are Made Of... Rated PG 13 for sexual content. A girl from John's past becomes a phantom of his dreams. Will fate bring them back together.



Off to Great Places - A response to Ginger S's "No second chances" challenge. Roy DeSoto's thoughts as his daughter completes an important rite of passage.

Heritage - An early morning blaze in an abandoned building nearly proves deadly for two of Station 51's finest.

I Will Not Leave You Comfortless - A difficult farewell for one of the paramedics, as his partner has passed on. Tissue alert. Involves a main character death

Awakening - The after effects from surgery from the patients perspective.

Balance - A rescue with a close call leaves Roy slightly rattled.

Jean H


Lessons Learned - Headquarters evaluation of the Paramedic Program results in serious consequences for Johnny and Roy...and uncovers a major oversight within the Department.

What Matters Most - John Gage and his police officer friend, Drew Burke, have had on-going debates about who has the more dangerous job. Drew persuades John to go on a ride along with him… and the experience impacts both men more than they ever could have imagined.

The Greatest Gift - It's Christmas eve and 51's A shift is on duty. The crew, particularly John and Roy, find their Holiday spirit replaced with aggravation and frustration; Until and unexpected situation puts things in perspective.

Steamer 10 


The Old Engine Returns - Johnny and Roy have rebuilt their prize Dennis an head off to enter the parade but will another emergency bring about deja vu



Lean On Me - Alternate ending to my own story Christmas in Lame Deer. Johnny discovers a surprise secret from his past as they investigate other forms of treatment for Aspergers.

Bridge Over Troubled Water - A continuation of Lean on Me as Johnny and JJ deal with their secret past.

I'll Stand by You and I Won't Let Go - Johnny and JJ both struggle through devastating losses in their lives and their aftermath.



The Fire Engine - During a parade, John has flashbacks of his own troubled past and his first ride on an engine.

Irene D


A Chance Meeting - An early morning structure fire leaves Johnny critically injured.

Kidnapped in Box Canyon - Johnny is injured during a rescue but before he can receive medical help, both he and Roy are kidnapped

Sometimes A Little Lie Can Turn Into A Big Problem - Johnny meets a new girl who puts his life in danger.

Retaliation - Two brothers seek revenge against Roy and Johnny for their parents’ death.

A Child's Cry - Roy is critically injured after Johnny makes a mistake during a rescue.

Obsession - A woman plots revenge on Johnny, putting his life at risk.

Remorseful - When Johnny is lost Chet is overwhelmed with guilt.



Growing Up Gage - The Anthropologist - Nine year old John Gage meets his first anthropologist and gets his first taste of prejudice.

Growing Up Gage - Summer of Iniquity - Eleven year old John Gage's summer isn't starting off as well as planned.

Growing Up Gage - Autumn of Change - A tragic event brings major changes to a young John Gage's life.

Growing Up Gage - The Move - The move to LA is anything but a joyous occasion for twelve year old John Gage he and hs father set out to begin a new life.

Rose Po


Antelope Creek -   A breakdown on the return from an out of state trip finds Roy having to help a frightened woman who's just given birth...Or was he just a bit 'spooked?'

Ghost Road - PG-13 for content - John must face old memories on the way home to his fathers funeral.



Dixie's Day Off - The gang of station 51 does their best to come to the aid of Nurse McCall who'll do anything to have an entire weekend to herself, even if it costs Dixie, her health.

Burger Wars - Johnny Gage declares war against the owner of Davey's Dogs over the quality of service received and vows to teach him better customer handling skills.

Shorty S


Do You Remember Harold? - Harold is the character from at least 2 episodes of Emergency that appeared drunk in both of them and Johnny and Roy went on both runs and the rest of the guys went on the one where he is in a Volkswagen bug.



First Meeting - Johnny's falling in love but the young woman has a secret of her own that could keep them apart.

What Would You Say? - Johnny and Lee's love story continues.

Wedding Plans - The culmination of Johnny and Lee's love story. True love never runs smooth but triumphs in the end.

The Camping Trip - Lee's first camping trip proves to be little more exciting than anyone planned.

The Stalker - A twisted man's obsession with Lee and his bigotry pose a serious threat to Johnny and his bride.

The First December - Johnny and Lee celebrate their first Christmas as well as Lee's Birthday.

Lost Miracle - Johnny and Lee receive some bad news that could change the course of their relationship.

Every Day Life - An injury to Johnny forces Lee to face the fact that job related dangers are a part of their every day life

Adventures in Babysitting - Lee spends the weekend babysitting Jennifer DeSoto and her friend and finds a few adventures she hadn't planned on.

Twists and Turns - A run in with John's cousin Tiffany and her friends leads to John being injured and revealing some less than honest dealings by his cousins.

One For The Money - Johnny is planning to return to his home town to honor his parents but trouble arises when Lee wants to accompany him.

Choices and Challenges - Johnny and Lee face serious challenges and difficult choices for their dream of having a family of their own.

Paybacks - Someone's holding a violent grudge and it appears that Johnny and Lee are at the heart of it.

Fire and Water - An accident at the DeSoto home may give them an opportunity to move closer to John and Lee and opens the door for Johnny to explain his dislike of water.

The Waiting Game - The impending state of parenthood causes some stress for John and Lee

Consequences - Every decision has it's consequences and some are not always pleasant as Johnny an friends discover..

Seasons of Change - A year of changes in the life of Johnny and Lee Gage with their new daughter Chloe

Seasons of Change:There is a Time For Everything - Johnny and Lee struggle through injuries and the growing pains of family and life decisions.

Rowan - John and Lee's family grows again when a young girl needs a new family.




A Positive - A dificult rescue and a courageous young woman become very personal for the crew of Station 51.

Fireman Fathers - Hank and Roy experience the pleasures, perils and parallels of being a Fireman Father

Miss Adventure - The real reason why Roy DeSoto doesn't wear a wedding ring.



Trouble Wherever You Go - A family vacation with friends turns into trouble for Johnny until three small rescuers come to his aid.



Perhaps We Should Dance - Captain Stanley's ego takes a beating when his teenage daughter suggests a new kind of field training.

Not as Designed - The crew finds a new hose is not working as designed and runs into a smelly situation.

The Honor is Mine - The station crew receives some devastating news about one of their own but everything is not as it seems

The Size of a Hero - Roy has a vested interest in a small heroine.

The Lesson - Roy learns that teaching his five year old first aid can have embarrassing repercussions.

The Eyes in the Shadows - Jenny and Chris shine as the young heros of the neighborhood.

Another Fishing Trip - Johnny, Roy and Chet take another fishing trip but it seems as if disaster follows the trio yet again.

The Wana'bes - Continuation of Another Fishing Trip, Chet's growing relationship with Julie and Frank.



Unexpected - Johnny and Roy get a new paramedic trainee but it's not at all what they expected.

The Long Road - The return from a road trip to a Fire Fighting Seminar takes a turn for the worse for Johnny, Roy and Sam.

Surprised - Johnny and Sam's relationship takes a surprising twist.

Home - While Sam is off duty due to an injury, She and Johnny use the time to visit her home .

Fear - The Holidays prove both a dangerous and joyous occasion for Johnny and Sam.

Respect - Sam's pregnancy takes her out of the field and into the classroom where a new crew of paramedics learn the meaning of respect.



Johnny Gage and the Great Big Book of Fan Fiction - Johnny discovers the perils of fan fiction and isn't so sure he wants to be a part of it.

Ups and Downs - Roy discovers that the most unexpected gifts can be among the best we ever receive.

Stirring the Ashes of Memory - A new recruit stirs up old memories for Captain Gage

Legends and Light - An Eclipse, a surly friend and a cabin in the woods come together as Johny helps Roy deal with a bad rescue

Christmas Eve Gift - It's Christmas Eve...A time for joy, but Roy is struggling with memories of his time in Vietnam. Can he let go of the past and find joy in his life          The Hard RoadTragedy causes major changes in the lives of Captain Gage and Captain DeSoto


Sarah Vita


Merry Christmas Johnny - An injury lands Johnny in the hospital for the Holidays. Can his friends make it merry anyway?

What's at Stake - Roy's thoughts as Johnny is treated for his injury's in this missing piece of 'The Nuisance.'

Caring - Johnny's simple stomach ache turns into something much worse during a night of babysitting at the DeSoto House.

Squad 51 on the Ponderosa - Johnny and his friends have a long night...A very long night but was it only a dream?



Kindred Hearts - Johnny finds a kindred heart and falls madly in love, but their live are shattered by a sinister stalker and his ultimate revenge in this CHiP's crossover story.



Strike One For All Of Us - The nurses at Rampart are threatening to strike and strange things begin to happen around the hospital

One Small Miracle - John's wife is expcecting their first child but could a rescue gone bad keep him  from seeing his firstborn?

I Keep Coming Back - John's daughter is born but just when all seems right...Tragedy strikes

Distant Shore - The loss of his wife sends John down a treacherous path that will end in tragedy

Matches - John's broken marriage drives him to extremes in this vignette by Susie.

Stand Alone            

Lifeline - It's a busy day in the ER and a young, female doctor must figure out if she's making errors in judgement or if Rampart has an 'Angel of Death'.



Richard C


A Perfect Touch Of Class _ John has a new girlfriend...A top model.



Dreams Are All But Sweet - Roy remembers an abusive epsiode from his childhood and fears the pattern could repeat.







Johnny's Disappearance - Chet's constant harrassment of John finally spells the end of John's future at Station 51

The Ranch - After John leaves Station 51, he must decide on a new direction for his life.

   Donnalouise                       shirleydonnaa@aol.com

Find Your Mate - Part 1

Find Your Mate - Part 2

New Year, New Life - Part 1










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