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Johnny's Disappearance

An Emergency Story By


Part 1

   Roy, Mike, and Marco were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and reading the paper when Chet came barreling into the room.  He took a seat next to Marco and looked interested in the paper Marco was holding.


Hank Stanley Shouts “Roll Call” from the Apprentice bay. All the guys scramble to their feet and lined up in the bay for Roll Call.  Charlie Bellinger is standing in front of the squad and The Chief is standing outside of Hank’s office. 


Roy is worried because Johnny was not there.  He has not heard from Johnny since last shift.  He knew Johnny was upset about something but was not talking to anyone.  Most times he would sit by himself outside.   On runs he was professional as always relaying information but once the job was done he would clam right back up.


Once assignments were handed out, Capt. Stanley looked at the Chief who nodded his head toward the kitchen.  Capt. Stanley then suggested to his men to follow him into the kitchen. 


After entering they all refilled their cups and sat down.  The Chief then addressed them.


“As most of you know Johnny Gage is not here.  Before anyone asks he is not injured.  I got a phone call from him on Friday afternoon stating he was resigning from the fire department.  The reason he gave was he was not like by anyone and could not work at another station which would feel the same way.  I asked him why he felt this way and he said ‘no comment I will send in writing my resignation to you.’  He then hung up.  I tried to reach him by phone but the number in his file is disconnected.  I also went in person to his address to find out he moved 2 weeks prior with no forwarding address. 


Mouth dropped when they heard the news.  No one could believe what they were hearing.  Roy especially was very upset.  He just lost his partner and best friend of 8 years without any explanation.


The Chief then asked if anyone in the room respected Johnny Gage.  He went around the table starting at Hank who answered yes he was a good worker.  Chief said that is not what I meant.  I will restate my question.  Do you like John Gage? 


Hank answered yes.


Mike answered yes.


Marco answered yes.


Charlie answered yes. 


Roy answered yes.


Chet thought for a moment and then answered yes.


The Chief looked at Chet and asked why he had to think about it.


Chet just shrugged his shoulders.


The Chief then asks if anyone knew what was going on with Johnny.


Hank, Mike, Marco Charlie and Chet all looked at Roy who shook his head no.


Roy stated that for the past few months Johnny would not talk to anyone and mainly kept to himself.  He even turned down invitations to dinner with his family.


After the little discussion, The Chief and Hank ask everyone in the room to stay there.  They go out across the bay into the locker room.  They go to Johnny’s locker and open it only to be blasted with water…..


Part 2


   When The Chief and Capt. Stanley return to the kitchen, Mike, Marco and Roy gasp at the site.  Chet groaned.


The Chief looked at Kelly and ask if he knew anything about what was in Gages’ locker.


Chet looked at the men around him and started to say the Phantom did it but Capt. Stanley and Roy broke in blaming everything on Chet Himself not the Phantom.


Chet looked shameful and said you are right I am to blame.


The Chief asked how often these pranks went on and Hank replied too often.


Then The Chief asked if Gage was the only one the pranks were aimed at or did the rest get blasted.


Chet giggled and replied only Gage.


The Chief looked at Chet stated angry you do know that is harassment.  You could be brought up on charges.


Chet looked dumbfounded but did not answer.


The Chief then asked if Gage even complained.


Roy said he did but nothing comes out of it.


The Chief said to elaborate.


Well both Captain Stanley and Mike Stoker told Johnny that the pranks were a way for Chet or the Phantom to let off a little steam.  Johnny didn’t like the way he was always targeted but besides complaining to higher up could not do anything more.


The Chief looks at both Hank and Mike and ask if this is true.


Both state yes.


Chief asks why the pranks continued.


Hank replies that he saw no harm in them.


Chief looks around at all the men and settles on Chet.  He than asks why Gage was only targeted?


Chet answers that Gages reaction was funny.


Chief wants a better explanation.


No one answers.


The Chief starts to get angry.  He slams his fist on the table and yells I want an explanation now.


Everyone jumps.


Hank explains that the pranks were just a tension release Nothing more nothing less.


But why only at Gage?


Chet said because he was the only one who could try retaliating but didn’t exceed.  He would rant and rave at first but was very forgiving.  He was really a good target.


The Chief turns away angry at all present.


He turns around to face all and looks at Roy asking what he thought about Gage’s reaction.


Roy carefully answers that Johnny didn’t like the pranks but when he complained he was criticized even more.  I tried to be on his side but some of the pranks were funny.


The Chief considered all that was said and decided that some action had to be taken.  Ok from what I see and hear you all were in on these pranks and in doing so you all are to blame for losing one of our best paramedic/firefighter.  So each of you will have a reprieve put into your folder and the next time promotions are to be handed out you will each be passed by.  The next time someone in this station gets pranked and quits or complains you all will be fired.  Am I clear?


Hank, Roy, Mike, and Marco, answer yes.


Charley asks if he too will get a reprieve.


Chief answers no.


Chet can’t believe this over a couple of pranks.


The Chief looks at Chet and asks if he had anything to add.


Chet said no.


The Chief leaves and everyone sits around not believing what occurred.


Part 3


   3 months pass and life went on for Station 51.  Roy got a newly trained paramedic named Tyler Stevens but has trouble connecting with him.  He really misses Johnny. 


Roy is not the only one missing Johnny.  So are Hank, Mike, and Marco.

Chet wouldn’t admit it but he also misses Johnny.  They use to bicker back and forth about baseball, chicks and other things.


All the guys went looking for Johnny at one time or another but had no luck.  It’s like he fell off the face of the earth.


The guys were sitting around eating about noon when the phone rings. 


Captain Stanley answers it.


Hi Cap. Is Roy there?


Sure is hold on.


Roy, Dixie.


Hey Dix how are things going.


Not good thought you might like to know Johnny was just brought in.


What, how, why.


It seems a barn collapsed with him inside.


A barn?


I am only telling you what the paramedics from 23 told me.  We still have you listed as next of kin so we need you here.  He is in very bad shape.


Ok I will see if Cap can find me a replacement.  Bye.


When he turned around all eyes were on him.  


 Roy signed and said that was Dixie, Johnny’s there and badly injured.  She would not elaborate on his injuries but did say he was in a barn and it collapsed.


Everyone was shocked.


Roy asked Cap if he could find him a replacement seems he was still listed as Johnny’s next of kin.


Roy went to change while Cap put in the call.


Part 5


   When Roy arrived at Rampart he went right up to the nurse’s desk where Dixie was sitting.  She looked up and smiled at Roy.  Dix told Roy to follow her to Kel’s office.


Dr. Kelly Bracket, Dr. Joe Early and Dr. Mike Morton looked up when his office door open and admitted them.  Roy asked how Johnny was and Kel said that he is still unconscious.  He has 2 broken ribs on the left side and 4 on the right none punctured the lungs.  A nasty head wound; a broken left arm above the elbow, a broken right wrist, the right leg is broken just above the right knee and his right ankle.  The left ankle was also broken along with the hip.  He is in very bad shape but should recover with time.  Right now the head wound was worrying them the most.


Roy sat in shock not sure of what he was hearing.  Of all the injuries Johnny had before he didn’t have that many at one time before.


Kel asked if he was ok.


Roy stated he was shocked at the list of injuries.


Yeah I know but this is Johnny we’re talking about.  He survived before.


I’m not sure this time.  When can I see him?


Well we are waiting for him to come back from a CAT scan and casting.  That should be soon.  We are going to put him in SICU for now.  When he wakes up we will go from there.


Just than there was a knock on the door, Dix open the door and an orderly told her Johnny was back and handed her the results.


She in turn handed them to Kel and then grabbed Roy’s hand and headed down the hall to the elevators.


Part 6


   When they arrived at Johnny’s room they entered slowly and walked quietly to the bed.  Roy gasped just looking at Johnny and all the machines that he was hooked up to.  Johnny’s head was bandaged; left arm was in a cast from finger to shoulder, right wrist was in a cast from finger to elbow, ribs were taped, both legs were in casts and raised.  There was only a blanket covering his torso but Roy and Dixie adjusted it to cover him completely.


Both pulled up chairs on either side and took vigilante until he awoke.


Dixie looked at Roy over the bed and talked softly you do know he will need a lot of help.  He cannot walk, or feed himself nor go to the bathroom by himself.  We will need to help him in any way we can.  He will need all of his friends whether he wants them or not.  We cannot let him push us away again.


I know he was gone for 3 ½ months without a word to anyone. Not even me his best friend.  I thought we were his family.  What changed, what did we do wrong?  I can’t get over the fact that he just ran off without a word to me.  That hurt the worst.  He wouldn’t talk to me nor would he have any contact with me.  It hurt not knowing if he was ok or not. 


You need to talk to him now or we might not get him back.  I am going to see what Kel found out with the CAT scan.  Talk to him; tell him we are all here for him.  We are not leaving him.  We will not give up being his friend.  We can all work out whatever it was that made him run.


I will just stay close.


Ok see you later.


Dix left to find Dr. Bracket.


Roy sat there looking at his partner and friend of 8 years.  Finally he leaned forward and placed his hand on Johnny’s right bicep.  He started talking to Johnny about how he felt when he found out Johnny quit and how he couldn’t find him.  How Joanne, Chris, Jennifer and he tried to cope.  He told Johnny how Chet lost the appeal to talk to anyone about his love interest.  He told him how lost everyone at the station was without him.  How quiet the station was without Johnny’s laughter.  He told Johnny he needed to wake up that all of them needed him.


Roy stopped talking when Dr. Bracket, Dr, Early, Dr. Morton and Dixie walked in.  He didn’t realize he was talking to Johnny for over 2 hours.


Hi Roy how is he doing.


He hasn’t moved at all.  What did the test show?


The tests were negative.  I believe he is exhausted.  I wonder what he has been doing. 


I wondered that myself but the only way to know is when he wakes up.


Roy I called Joanne.  She is coming down.   The guys will be here tomorrow.


Ok thanks.


Well we need to get back to work.  There is a standing order for you to be here as long as you want.


Thanks again.


No thanks needed we all care for Johnny too.


Yeah I know.  He is one special person.


That he is.


Bye.  Dr. Bracket, Dr Early Dr Morton and Dixie left.


Roy was by himself again.  He leaned back in his chair and just studied his friend until he fell asleep.


Next thing he knew an alarm was going off. 


Roy jump up and check all the machines finding that the heart monitor was showing flat line.  Roy immediate started CPR on Johnny.  Susan, a nurse opens the door, turns around yelling to get a crash cart and call the doctors.  She goes in and helps Roy until the doctors arrives. 


When Dr. Brackett, Dr. Early, and Dixie arrive they take over and the nurse that arrived first pushes Roy out of the room.


Roy is stunned to find himself in the hall.  He starts pacing the hall waiting for an answer.  After about 20 minutes the door opens and Susan exit telling Roy he can go back in.


Roy walks in to find Kel, Joe and Dixie examining Johnny.  Roy looked at all the machine and found one more added. 


Johnny now had a resuscitator added.


Roy looks at Kel who is has a very worried expression.  Joe is not looking much better and Dixie has tears in her eyes.


Roy asks what happened.


Kel looks at Roy and states his lungs are filling with fluid.  We are going to run some test to find out what is wrong.  We suspect an infection of so sort.  We all know how he is to picking up infections.  We should know something in a few minutes I orders blood work stat.


The door opened and in walked Susan handing Kel reports.


Kel and Joe looked them over then stated that Johnny indeed had an infection which is making him weaker.


Kel then order an antibiotic added to Johnny’s IV and a sedative.  He was going to keep Johnny asleep for 4 days.


Kel told Roy to go home but knew it fell on deaf ears.


Kel and Joe left leaving Dixie.  Dix looked at Roy and patted his shoulder.  She said he should get some more rest.  Roy nodded and looked at his watch seeing it was 7:08 pm.  He went out the door to the nurse’s desk asking Susan if he could use the phone.  Sue starts to answer when both Roy feels a hand on his shoulder.  He turns around to find out that the hand belongs to……



Part 7


The hand on his shoulder belonged to Joanne.   She asks Roy if he was ok

Roy replies that he is fine but Johnny is worse.  Both walk away from the desk going toward Johnny’s room.


Walking in they look at Johnny while Roy explains what happened.  Joanne gives Roy kiss then walks to the bed taking a good look at Johnny.  She could not believe the site before her.  Johnny looked very bad.


Roy yawns and stretch then walk over to Joanne putting his arms around her he told her to talk to Johnny while he went to the bathroom.


Joanne sat in the seat her husband just vacated and started talking to Johnny.


She told him how much she and the kids missed him. She told him how Roy would sit on the back deck and would just stare out at the sky not talking to her or the kids.  How he would later tell her he didn’t know what happened to you and were afraid you would turn up dead before he could make what ever he did alright with you.  She then pleaded with Johnny to get well, wake up and make things right with everyone.  She told him of his nature of forgiving and moving on no matter what the situation.  She told how she would under stand if he would get well, wake up and told them he would not but he just had to tell them in person.


When Roy returned Joanne was crying very hard.  He walks over to her pulls her to her feet and just holds her while she lets it all out.  Roy knows that Johnny leaving and then turning up like this was too much for her.  Both feel like Johnny is the brother nether had.


Once Joanne settles down she decides to go home to the kids.  She tells Johnny she would be back tomorrow.


Roy walks Joanne to the elevator saying goodbye.  Walking back he looks at the time which is 8:30 he goes to the nurse’s desk asking for the phone. He calls the station and talk to Cap. Stanley telling him what happened to Johnny.  Cap told Roy they would all be there in the morning after shift and will work out a system that Johnny would not be alone.


Over the next 4 days Johnny was not alone once.  Hank, Mike, Marco, Chet, Hank’s wife Elaine, Mike’s wife Beth, Chet, mom, Marco’s mom, Kel, Dix, Joe and of course Roy and Joanne all sat with Johnny at one time or another.


On the morning of the 4th day Kel checked Johnny out and found that his lungs were clearing up.  The blood work came back showing the infection was almost gone so he let the sedative ware off and took him off the respirator.


The guys and families were in the waiting room waiting for Kel to tell them the news.


Kel came out and told them the finding.  Everyone was relieved. Soon Roy and Joanne was by Johnny’s side the other guys and families going home to get some rest.  Cap told Roy he would be back about 3:00.


It almost before noon before Johnny showed signs of waking up.  Roy started talking to him and soon Johnny’s eyes fluttered open and Roy called the nurses desk to tell them.


Soon Dr. Brackett, Dr. Early and Dixie were in the room and Joanne and Roy were sent out so they could examine Johnny.


A half an hour later both doctors let them back in but Johnny was asleep. They told them Johnny knew all the right answers.  He would be transferred to a regular room that night.   They did suggest that Joanne and Roy go home and get some rest.  Both agreed. Roy and Joanne check one more time on Johnny and then left knowing they would get their friend back.


Roy called Cap to let him know Johnny did wake up and that the doctors suggested everyone wait to visit until the next day when he was in a regular room.


Cap told Roy he would call the others and they all would meet at the hospital at 2:00 pm to visit Johnny.  Roy agreed and hung up with a smile for the first time in 4 months.



Part 8


The next day at 2:00 everyone met in the waiting room on Johnny’s floor.  They decided that Roy would go in first to see what shape Johnny was in and if he would talk to any of them.


Roy walks in Johnny’s room to find Johnny staring at the ceiling.  He looks to see who walked in and frowns.  Roy asks what is wrong but Johnny just goes back to staring at the ceiling.  Roy walks closer not sure if the reception he was getting was part of the accident or what happened 4 months ago.


Roy starts to tell Johnny how he was missed when Johnny tells him how sorry he is about turning his back on everyone.


Roy stops and stares at Johnny.


Johnny then starts crying.


Roy goes to Johnny and sits on the bed lifts him up and just holds him as he cries.


Soon Johnny calms down enough for Roy to talk to him.  He asks Johnny if anyone told him how all the guys and their families sat with him while he was in SICU. 


Johnny says that Dix did but he could not believe it.


Roy then tells him how he, the guys and their families sat with Johnny talking to him and waiting for him to wake up to explain why he ran away.


Johnny starts to protest but Roy interrupts him saying that yes you ran but you do know you owe the guys that explanation too. They are all waiting in the waiting room can they join us to find out why.


Johnny asks Roy to wipe his face and after that it would be ok to get the others.


 Roy does so and then goes off to get the other guys.


 Roy not only returns with Hank, Chet, Mike and Marco but Kel, Joe, Mike and Dixie also come along.


Johnny just smiles until everyone get is settled.  He starts telling everyone how sorry he is for running away.  He tells them how 5 months ago he found out what he thought everyone thought of him.  Chet had pulled several pranks.  Not just water bombs but itching powder in his bed, oatmeal and pizza sauce in his boots, vinegar in his shampoo, perfume in his locker and soap in his toothpaste.   He was raving and ranting for days.  No one would listen finally he went to the Captain and ask him to stop Chet.  The Cap told Johnny to suck it up that it was just a tension release.  Johnny then went to Mike who told him that the pranks we funny and to let it go.  Johnny finally went to Roy who told Johnny to get go higher up than Cap but that the pranks were funny and a tension relief.  They did make the day go faster.  Roy and Johnny had told the guys at Rampart who got a kick out of hearing what happen to Johnny daily. 


Johnny then told them that after returning from a fire one day he found another prank and when he walked in the kitchen covered with apple sauce the guys all laugh and told Johnny he never looked so good.  Johnny started to rant and all the guy told Johnny what a big baby he was at not seeing the humor in the jokes.  Johnny told them how much that hurt him and that it was at that time he decided no one really liked him and that he was going to quit.  He not only quit but moved to another apartment across town then got a job north of the city without telling anyone.  He worked on a ranch that had horses which he missed since coming out to L.A.  He was planning on buy a ranch of his own some day.


Johnny was running out of steam he was still weak from the accident and infection.  Just a few more words and Johnny fell asleep.


All the guys just stared at Johnny thinking over what they did and how they were a part of Johnny’s disappearance.


 Finally Kel ask everyone to follow him. Dixie stayed with Johnny.  Kel took them to his office so everyone could get his thoughts straight before talking about what Johnny told them.



Part 9


Cap start talking about how he had let Johnny down not ordering Chet to stop his pranks. 


Everyone agreed that they were to blame for not stopping the pranks.  Chet even went as far as blaming the laughter for keep going.


Kel finally put a stop to the blame and asked for a solution.  He told them that Johnny needed his friends and to know he would be welcomed back without blaming anyone.  All agreed.  They also agreed to apologize to Johnny for their part.


Chet also stated that the phantom would go on vacation for awhile maybe coming out once a month.


The guys wanted to see Johnny and got up to leave but Kel nixed their plan stating that Johnny needed his rest.  Kel asked that one person sit with Johnny over the next 3 days.  He told them that only then they could all visit again.


Mike, Marco, and Chet started to protest but Cap put a stop to it claiming the Doc was right.  They would resume the previous schedule made.


So over the next 3 days Johnny drifted in and out of sleep but was never left alone.  By the 4th day he was much better and after an examination by Dr. Brackett was declared well enough to have all they guys visit.


The guys were on duty but plan to stop in after work.  That afternoon Joanne, Marco’s mom, and Cap’s Wife, Elaine were in with Johnny visiting him when Joanne asked if Johnny was going to return to work.


Johnny said he didn’t know until he was back on his feet.  Johnny still had a ways to go.  He still sported cast on both legs and arms and knew he was stuck in the hospital until being release to physical therapy.  Even then he would not be going home.


Johnny looked very sad at that time so Elaine ask what was wrong. 


Johnny looked at all who was in the room and said I don’t think going back is a good idea.


Joanne jump up from her chair and started yelling at Johnny, “What do you mean it’s not a good idea.  Don’t you know what it means to all of us?  What you mean To Roy and the guys.  You promised me when we first met you would watch out for Roy and made sure he came home after each shift.  Now you tell me that you no longer want to watch his or anyone else’s back.  How could you say that?  How can you do that?  I spent the last 4 months worrying that Roy would not make it home.  I can’t believe you.  I just can’t…… Joanne ran from the room crying. 


Elaine and Marco’s mom stood in shock.


Johnny was stunned. He didn’t know Joanne felt that way.



Part 10


Joanne got in her car and drove to the station to talk to Roy.  When she arrived Roy and Stu were out on a run.  Cap invited Joanne in for coffee and to wait for Roy.  He could see she was upset and just sat with her in the kitchen.  Marco, Mike and Chet made themselves scarce.


Cap asked Joanne is he could do anything for her.


Joanne was hesitate She really wanted to talk to Roy but he wasn’t available right then and Cap was.  She finally told Cap what Johnny told her and what she yelled at him.


Cap was stunned he could not believe Joanne felt that way.  He told her that all his men went out of their way to make sure each other went home every shift but sometimes thing happen beyond anybody’s control and she should not worry as much.  This shift is the best with or without Johnny.  But he did make coming to work more fun.


Joanne laugh at that she knew it was not fair for her to have yelled at Johnny.  She was going to apologize.


Mean while back at Rampart


Johnny kicked both Elaine and Marco’s mom out of the room and asked that Dr. Brackett be paged.


When Kel showed up it was to a very upset Johnny.


Kel asked what was wrong and Johnny told him what went on then suggested that he receive no more visitors. 


Kel did not like that idea but since Johnny was the patient and looking how upset he was decided to go along with it for now.


Roy was just coming up to visit when Kel stepped out of Johnny’s room.


Kel stopped him from going in and told him that Johnny was not accepting any visitors.  Roy was shocked and asked what’s going on went on.


Kel contemplated for a minute then asked Roy to follow him to his office.


Entering Kel’s office he asked Roy to have a seat.  Going behind his desk, folding his hands he tells Roy all that Johnny told him.  Roy is total shocked and cannot believe what he heard.


Roy asks Kel if it would be alright if he used the phone.  Kel agreed and left.


Roy dials his home number but receives no answer.


Just as he hangs up Stu knocks and tells Roy they have a run.


Roy and Stu run to the squad and go off on their run.



Part 11


Joanne gets off on Johnny’s floor and approaches the door but is cut off by a nurse who states that Johnny is receiving no visitors at this time.


Joanne is disappointed turns and leaves.  When she gets home she calls the station and tells Hank what happened when she went back.


He tells her he will take care of it tomorrow.


Soon he hears the squad return.  Roy knocks on Caps door and speaks to him about what happened at the hospital with Johnny.  Cap tells Roy that Joanne was here and he knows all about it and they will take care of things tomorrow.


Cap Calls for lights out.  They have a quiet night for once.  The next morning the Cap calls everyone into the dayroom and tells them what happened between

Joanne and Johnny.  All could not believe it.  Cap also tells them that Johnny asked for no visitors but they were going to visit him anyway after work.


Soon B-shift arrived and they guys drove off meeting at the hospital.  They went straight to Dr. Brackett’s office.


Knocking on the door and hearing an answer they enter to find Dr. Brackett, Dr. Early and Dixie talking about Johnny and his condition.


Kel informs the guys that Johnny asked for no visitor but maybe if the Cap talked to him Johnny would rethink his decision.


Roy is not in agreement but everyone else is so being out numbered agrees to the Cap talking to Johnny.


The guys go up to Johnny’s floor where Cap goes into Johnny’s room while the others wait in the waiting room.


As Cap enters Johnny looks at the door opening and starts to say I want no visitors but the look on Cap’s face tells him to be quiet.  Cap approaches Johnny looking him over.  He can tell Johnny is depressed and bored. 


Cap tells Johnny that Joanne came to see Roy at the station but he was out and she told him what happened.


Johnny tells Cap it doesn’t matter.


Cap disagrees and starts to explain things that have been going on since Johnny left but get a very angry Johnny shouts he didn’t care anymore.  He was tired of all the jokes and pranks at his expense and that the best thing for all was for him to go back where he was before and forgets about everyone and everything.


Cap starts to protest but Johnny tells him to leave and not to come back.


Cap again start to protest when Dr. Early walks in and sees how angry and upset Johnny is and asks Cap to wait out side.


Cap walks to the door but looks back hoping Johnny will change his mind.


He doesn’t and Cap opens the door and steps out into the hall to find everyone standing around.


Cap could tell that the guys heard what Johnny said and just walks to the waiting room to wait and see if Johnny will let them back in.


It wasn’t long before Dr. Early came to tell them that Johnny doesn’t want anyone seeing him.  He told Dr. Early to tell everyone that he was not worth their friendship.


Roy gets very upset and heads to Johnny’s room only to be cut off by Dr. Early.  Who tells Roy that Johnny is sleeping thank to a sedative he ordered.  Johnny needed to sleep after his ordeal. Come back in a few days and maybe Johnny will be in a better frame of mind.  Right now with the accident and infection that he had it was taking its toll on him.


All are in agreement and go home.


Part 12 

It was 3 days later and Johnny was still depressed.  No one from station 51 was in to see Johnny.  Both Dr. Brackett and Dr. Early were worried about Johnny but could not get him out of his depression.  Dixie had talked to Johnny a few times but he was not very talkative.


Roy called everyday or when on duty talk to both doctors and Dix to see how Johnny was doing.  He did not want to upset Johnny but was very worried about him.


Joanne offered her apologies to Roy but they fell on deaf ears.  Roy was now sleeping in the guest room.


Joanne decided to take matters into her own hands.


She goes to the hospital and get off on Johnny’s floor.  A nurse at the desk asks who she is here to see.  She said Johnny Gage.  Sue a nurse who recognizes Joanne tells her he asked for no visitors.  Joanne tells Sue she knew that but it is her fault that he is depressed and upset.  Sue loudly tells Joanne that she could not go in but whispers to Joanne if I leave and don’t see you enter his room than I cannot make you leave.


Joanne slowly walks toward the elevators just as Sue leaves the desk.  Joanne turns around and heads directly to Johnny’s room.  Opening the door she sees Johnny staring at the ceiling but he looks over at the door as it opens.  He is surprised to see Joanne but then gets upset over her being here.


He tells her to leave but Joanne refuses telling Johnny to make her leave.  Johnny starts to get up but can’t move very far due to the casts.  He lies back down and again tells Joanne to leave.


Joanne shakes her head and starts to apologized to Johnny telling him how wrong she was to yell at him and to tell him that the promise didn’t matter just as long as he remain her and everyone’s friend.  He could work where he wants as long as he didn’t push all of them out of his life.  She also told Johnny how Roy moved out of their bedroom and was living in the guest room.  She wanted to mend not just Johnny’s heart but also Roy’s.


Johnny could see how all of this had upset her and thought maybe everyone else felt the same.  Johnny tells Joanne how sorry he was to be a burden to all of them and that maybe he was worth something to them besides friendship.  Joanne told Johnny how right he is there and that all the guys think of him as their little brother not a pest or a burden.  She also tells him how everyone is missing him. 


Johnny is quiet for a long time and Joanne thinks he is not going to talk to her anymore.  Finally she gets up to leave when Johnny tells her to call Dr. Brackett he was lifting his no visitors orders.  He told her to call the guys but just tell them that I want to see them not anything more.  He wanted to apologies himself.


 Joanne was very glad to hear what Johnny said.  She immediately went to find Dr. Brackett and calls the station.



Part 13


Joanne called the station and told Roy that Johnny wanted to see all of them tomorrow after shift.  Roy asked if she knew what he wanted but Joanne was very vague.  Roy then gathered everyone in the kitchen and told them that Johnny wanted to see all of them.  He didn’t know why.  Joanne was vague.  All agreed after shift they would meet at Rampart and go to see Johnny.


They are sitting around the table and it is very quiet each person thinking about how to get Johnny back or what he is going to tell them.  Finally Cap start talking saying they should make plans as to what to say to Johnny if he decides to leave.  Roy agrees but asks if he could see Johnny first.  Everyone nixes that idea. 


Chet states Joanne said Johnny wanted to see all of us not just you.  I know he is your best friend but he is our friend too.  Please let all of us see him together. 


Roy is surprises at Chet’s statement and agrees saying I didn’t think you felt that way.  You are always picking on Johnny that he thought you didn’t like him.


Chet looked around and told everyone that it does not leave this room but Johnny is just like a little brother that I never had.   He is fun to argue with and a very good sport.


Mike, Marco and Roy also voiced their opinion about Johnny being like the little brother.  Cap stated he thought Johnny was more like a son he never had.  Johnny would do anything for anyone without giving it a second thought.  Now that was the way people should be. 


Roy stated the minute Johnny walked in to apply for the paramedic program he felt a connection.  Going through training Johnny was a whiz.  That was why I asked to be partnered with him.


The tones go off stopping all conversation.


The next morning found all the guys at Rampart meeting first with Dr. Brackett who suggested they all meet in his office before going to see Johnny.


Dr. Brackett explained that Johnny did lift the no visitor’s request.  His injuries were healing nicely.  The casts will be removed tomorrow and he will be moved to rehab.  This should improve his mood greatly.  I just want you to know what is happening to Johnny before you went up.


Cap thanked Dr. Brackett and everyone moved to the elevator to go see Johnny.


Part 14


Getting off on Johnny’s floor they met up with Dr. Early and Dr. Morton who were waiting for everyone before seeing Johnny.  Upon arriving at Johnny’s room they met up with Dixie who told everyone that they could not go in due to the Battalion Chief who was talking to Johnny.


 Roy asked how long has he been here.


Dixie replies a half hour.


Dr. Early suggests they all go down to the lounge to wait. All move away except Roy who is wondering why the Chief is visiting Johnny?


Dixie comes back and takes Roy by the arm leading him away when the door opens and the Chief walk out.  He smiles at Roy nods his head at Dixie and walk toward the elevator.


Dixie looks at Roy and could see he was dying with curiosity.


She then goes down the hall to the waiting room and tell all the Chief just left.  Everyone rushes from the room Meeting up with Roy who just knocks on Johnny’s door.  Getting an ok to enter everyone files into the room.


Johnny greeted everyone with a smile and a wave.  He waits for everyone to enter and starts by saying how sorry he was to put everyone through this ordeal.  He has been alone too long to know that people do care about him.

I thought I was not wanted here like back home but that is not the case.  It took several people but especially one to let me know that is not the case.  I now know I am welcomed here and this is where I want to be.  Please forgive me for the pain and worry I caused.  I would like to set the record straight with all of you.  I was feeling let down by most of you.  I didn’t like the way you treated me so I did what I did 9 years ago.  I ran away from home and I never looked back.  I know how wrong that was but considering how I grew up you might understand.  I don’t talk about my past due to the cruel thing I went though but if I had talked to one of you I might have let that feeling go long before I ran again.  I also know most of you don’t understand but at least you are here to hopefully offer you friendship.


Roy, Mike, Hank, Marco, Dixie, Dr. Early, Dr. Bracket and Dr. Morton all agreed they were there to offer not only friendship but also a family.


Chet walked over to Johnny and offered his hand saying you are more than a friend you are like our brother.


Johnny shook his hand awkwardly considering the casts.


Mike, Marco, Chet, Dixie, Dr. Morton, and Dr. Early decide to leave. Before Dr Bracket leaves he reminds Johnny that the cast will be removed tomorrow then he will be going to rehabilitation. 


Roy and Hank both start asking questions of what the Chief wanted and if he was coming back and when.


Johnny tells both that the Chief asked Johnny the same thing and that he never really accepted Johnny’s resignation.  He put me on leave.  I will be returning in about 4 weeks.  I don’t know for sure where I will be assigned to since station 51 has two permanent paramedics on all three shift.


Part 15


Hank tells Johnny that he will see about talking to the Chief and getting Tyler Stevens reassigned.


Johnny just nods his head.


Hank says goodbye and leaves.


Roy looks at Johnny and asks how he was doing.  I’m fine but I think this whole ordeal has left me rethinking my position in everyone’s lives. Basically you all are telling me that you think of me as a little brother but Chet just kept going on with his pranks that I was thinking he didn’t like me at all.


 That is all going to change.  There will be no more pranks.  Roy tells Johnny about The Chief’s visit the day after he quit.


Johnny is amazed at what happened and the results.  He starts to apologize but Roy cuts him off saying it was not your fault.


Johnny looks at Roy and asks if he was going to forgive Joanne for her part in all of that has happened. He also asks if he was going to move back in to their bedroom.


Roy is surprised at what he hears and turns red in the face. 


Johnny starts laughing.


Roy smiles at the sound that he has been missing.


Johnny teases Roy a little more before Roy becomes serious and asks how he knew about what happened between him and Joanne.


Johnny states that Joanne told him everything.


Ok well I guess I will go home and make up with my wife.  Is that ok.


Johnny smiles and says YES.


Roy tells Johnny he will be back tomorrow and leaves saying goodbye.


Johnny lies back thinking he has the greatest family ever.



The End


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