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The Ranch

An Emergency Story By


Part 1


   It is just after 6 pm when Johnny entered his apartment he slammed the door and throws his gym bag in a corner hoping to get his anger out. He next unplugged his phone and went to take a shower.   He could not believe the day he had.  All day long the Phantom played his pranks and he got so tired of it all.  Neither the Captain nor
his co workers would stop the pranks even though the Captain got hit twice with water bombs.

It would not have mattered as much if all of the pranks were water bombs.  The first 2 were water but it escalated from there into itching powder, shaving cream, hair spray, soap, tooth paste and
finally pizza sauce.  That was the final straw the pizza sauce in his shoes.  Without a word to anyone, he went to his locker got changed, packed all his gear grabbed his resignation letter and
badge.  He went to the Captain handed him the letter and badge turned around and left. 

The shower seems to smooth his tension but he just could not believe how one person could get away with so much at one time or how no one would come to his defense.  After the 3RD prank he would not talk or eat with anyone.  Roy did try but Johnny was having none of it especially when he was still hurt from the things said to him after the 2nd prank. 

After the shower he goes into the kitchen and makes himself a sandwich and drinks a glass of milk. Then he decided to watch TV for awhile to calm down further.  He falls asleep watching Adam 12.

The pounding on the door wakes him up.  He looks at the wrist watch which reads 8 am.  He gets up and opens the door.

Roy stands there looking really worried at his partner and best friend. He asks if he can come in. 

Johnny takes one look at Roy and walks away leaving the door open. Roy comes in and closes the door.  Johnny goes into the kitchen to make coffee.  Neither one says a word for a while. 

"Are you ok? I tried to call and kept getting a busy tone." Roy asks

"What do you think?  I resigned yesterday.  I walked away from a job that I was supposed to be really good at only to be criticized by my
fellow coworkers. I unplugged the phone. I didn't want any calls." Johnny replies angry.

"You do know Chet didn't mean anything by those pranks. He likes you that is why he does it.  I am really sorry for laughing at you but to quit over it is a stupid thing to do."  Roy said.

"Yeah right, Chet likes me.  Look it was not funny to me and I don't think Cap thought so either. He got hit twice and it didn't stop.  Cap even gave Chet 3 months of latrine duty and that didn't stop him.”  If you came here to rub it in you can just leave.  I don't need guys like you rubbing it in.  I had enough of that when I lived in Montana.  So if you are here as a true friend than stay. Otherwise get lost."  Johnny says angrily.

Roy just looks at Johnny.  That is more info that Johnny said about his growing up that any other time. 

Roy apologizes and they talk a little more.  Roy asks if Johnny would consider coming back.

Johnny looks at Roy. "No I don't think so.  I had enough of Chet's pranks to last 5 life times.

"But Johnny you are very good at what you do!  Can't you see what this will do to all of us?  If you don't come back, what are you going to do?"  Replies Roy.

"I don't know what I will do but I do know I cannot go back to firefighting.  Maybe Dr Brackett can find something for me to do.  I could help out at the hospital.

You know that might not be a bad idea.  At least you get out of the field work.  For as many injuries you have had over the years you could do with a break.”

Thanks a lot.  You had just as many.”

No I didn't.”

Ok so maybe I had a few more.”

Well don't do anything that you will regret.  Think about it for awhile.”

Can't think too long, I need the money to live.”

You could always come back to firefighting.”

No I think I'll leave that to the guys.”

I wish thing were better between you two.”

Yeah I know but what do you expect Chet is a child not to be messed with.  I wish I never met him.”

They talked about a few things more then Roy decided to head home to bed. Roy then asked Johnny to dinner that night.

No I don't think so I need some time to straighten out my mess I got myself into.  Please just give me a few days.”

Ok but call if you need anything.  And I do mean anything.”

After saying goodbye Johnny goes into his bedroom and gets dress but a knock at the door interrupts his morning rituals.


Part 2

   He opens the door to find Chet standing there looking like he lost his best friend. They just stare at one another. Johnny gets angry at him and almost hit him with his fist but decides just to slam the door on him.

Chet again knocks on the door.  Johnny ignores the knocks.  Finally Chet opens the door asking Johnny if he could enter.

Johnny tells Chet if he doesn't leave he will call the police.  Chet is flabbergasted.  He can't believe Johnny is treating him like this.  Chet tells Johnny how sorry he was, turns and walks away. 

Johnny goes back into his bedroom to finish getting dressed.  When he looks toward his night stand he sees the article about a ranch house with barn and 40 acres. He gets upset that he was talked out
of looking into this place.

Johnny remembers the day he told his coworker about buying a ranch.  They were very cruel.  Telling him he was crazy, nuts and out of his mind to want to own a ranch. Roy was the worst telling him that he
should grow up that being a paramedic and firefighter was more satisfying than owning horses. Johnny was never so hurt when Roy told him that.  Johnny would not even go to his house for dinner for 3 months.  Final Roy apologized to him and said it was his life to live. If you want to buy a ranch so be it.

Johnny looks at the ad and decides to give the realtor a call.  He gets up goes to the phone plugs it in and dial the number.  He gets the real estate office and is put through to Ruth Barns who is
the realtor for the ranch.  He asks if the ranch is still up for sale.  When he is told that it is still for sale, he asks if it's possible to see the place.  She sets a time for them to meet that
day at 2 pm and gives John directions to the ranch.

After hanging up with Ruth, Johnny again unplugged his phone. He did not want any phone calls.   To be at the ranch by  2pm he must leave half an hour early but decides to leave at 12 pm to make sure he can find the ranch and maybe to look around without the realtor.

It is only after 9 am so Johnny decides to go do a load of laundry.  He does the dishes and then picks up his cloths. After collecting the trash he takes both out of his apartment.

Part 3

   Johnny pulls into a long driveway.  Next to the driveway is a ranch style house in need of a paint job.  The screen door and some shutters are hanging loose. The porch rails need a paint job.  The flower beds next to the porch needs cleaning up. The tree in the front yard needs a trim.  Two of the windows on the second floor are broken.  A side door on the house also needs a fresh coat of paint.  Otherwise the outside is not too bad.  The grass is at least trimmed.  Johnny gets out of his truck and looks around.  The barn is about 400 yard away from the house.  It looks like it might hold about 2 or 3 horses.  It too needs a paint job.  The fence next to the barn needs fixing. 

Johnny walks past the barn to see what is around.  He sees mountain and several trails going away from the barn. He checks his watch, it is 1:55.  He goes back to his truck to wait on Ruth.  Two minutes
after returning a car pulls into the driveway.  A woman gets out and approaches Johnny. 

"Are you Mr. John Gage?" Ruth Asks.

"Yes I am but you can call me Johnny?" States Johnny.

"Ruth Barns at you service." Ruth replies

"I hope you don't mind but I arrived a little early to check this place out." Johnny says

No that is fine.  This place has been on the market for over two years.  Seem no one wants it.” 

I seen the outside do you mind if we look inside.”

Sure come on.”


Ruth opens the side door and walks inside. Johnny follows.  They walk into a hallway with a door to the right.  Johnny opens it to reveal a small bathroom with a tub and a toilet.  The hall leads to a kitchen with a sink, stove and oven, refrigerator and a big area where a table could go.

Next is the living room with a fireplace.  The room is very big but if furniture were present it would look cozy.  There was a door on the right side of the room.  Opening it Johnny sees a small room
that could be a study.

The stairs are next to the door leading to the second floor. Ruth told Johnny to go up and see for himself what is up there. Johnny discovers 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  One is a master bedroom with a bathroom. There is also a door that leads to an attic.

After looking around up stairs Johnny comes back down.  Ruth asks how he likes it.

Johnny states he likes it but how much does this place costs.

Well, I can go as low as $250,000.00.”

Wow, that is so low?”

As I stated before it has been on the market for over two years. Now what do you think.  Are you interested?”

Johnny asks to look around a little more.

Ruth says no problem.


He goes outside.  Look at the barn and the trees, the house and the yard.  He goes back in and tells Ruth he would love to buy it but not sure if he can afford it.

Ok here is what you need to do.  You fill these papers out and I will let you know if you can afford it.”


Well based on your answers.”

Oh, ok how soon do you need these back?”

As soon as you can get them back to me I can get the ball rolling. You can either mail them or drop them off.”

Ok what if I can't fill in all the questions?”

Do the best you can with each.”

Ok I'll see you later.”

Ok bye Johnny and good luck.”

Ruth locks the door and head toward her car.

Part 4

   Johnny stopped at the hospital to talk to Dr. Bracket about helping at the hospital.  He goes into the emergency entrance to Dr. Brackett's door.  He knocks but receives no answer. 

Next he goes down the hall to the nurses' desk where Dixie is standing.  Johnny asks where Dr. Brackett was.

Dixie states that he is in treatment room 2 with a patient.  She offers to buy Johnny a cup of coffee.   Johnny thinks for a moment then says ok.

Dix led him into the nurses lounge and pours both of them coffee.  She sits down opposite Johnny.  “Than ask what happened last night. Roy comes in with a different partner.  Tells me you quit.  He was really upset.”

Johnny explains about all the pranks and what happened to lead up to his resignation.

Dix just shakes her head.  She cannot believe what Johnny has endured.  Not just the prejudices but also the cruelty of all of the Phantoms pranks.

After some thought he tells Dix about the ranch he just visited and asks if he could list her as a referral.

Yes Johnny, you can I would be very happy for you if you got this home, But what about Roy.”

Dix, Roy made it very clear when I told the guys about this place two or three  weeks ago that he thinks I can't handle it. I am not going to get him involved at all.  In fact could you please not
mention it to anyone?”

Why not! I think it's great you getting your own place. Also Roy is just worried about you.  Are you sure Johnny?”

Yes Dixie I am.”

Ok Johnny I won’t mention it to anyone.  Let’s go see if Kel is done with that patient.”


They go out of the lounge and find Kelly Brackett standing at the nurse's station.  Johnny and Dixie approaches Kel. Johnny asks if he could see Kel in his office.

Sure Johnny just give me one minute and we'll walk down there.”

Part 5

   Both Dixie and Johnny walk with Kelly to his office.

After everyone is seated Kel ask Johnny what is this about you quitting the fire department.  You were one of our best paramedics.

Johnny proceeds to explain everything that has happened to him.

Kelly just can't believe that these things happened.

Johnny then explains the ranch he wants to buy.

Kelly asks where the place is at and after Johnny tells him Kelly is flabbergasted.

He's not sure how to tell Johnny but that is the place he’s selling. He tells Johnny the news and both Dix and Johnny are stunned.

Johnny asks “why are you selling the ranch.” 


Kel tells him that his great great grandparent owned the place.  And that he inherited the place.  He can't keep a ranch going with being a doctor.

Johnny thought this was weird but tells Kel "if I get this place you can visit any time you want."

Thanks Johnny you know what I know you will get it.  Now what else did you want to see me about.”

"Well in order for me to buy the ranch I need a job and since I handed my resignation in I don't have one.  I was thinking that maybe I could work with the new trainees.  Maybe even update some of
the material that is used." Johnny explains

Kel thinks this is a great idea but has one question.  "You get pretty restless when not out doors how will you cope with a class room?

Johnny jokes "I took your classes didn't I.  I can work here then go home at night Right?”

Yes Johnny, that is usually how it works but you would also have to work with us in the ER?”

Are you serious?  Why?”

Yes I am. To keep you certified you need to work the field too. Since you aren't going to be a firefighter you cannot be a paramedic.”

Well Kel as long as I am not in the ER all the time.  That would be great.”

You would only need to be in the ER one and a half week per month to be re-certified.  Let's go see the director.  Dix, tell Joe or Mike when you see them that I will be back in an hour.”

Ok Kel, Johnny good luck.”

It took more than an hour but in the end the director still had doubts on Johnny being in the ER.  He asks Johnny why he wouldn't be going back to firefighting.  Johnny told the director all about the Phantom and his pranks especially the day before.  The director asks why not just transfer.  Johnny tells him he already handed in his resignation.  The director tells both Kel and Johnny to come see him tomorrow.

Johnny asks why and the director tells him he wants to check on a few things.

Both John and Kel say ok and leave.

Kel asked to see Johnny in his office.  Johnny looks puzzled but goes with Kel back to his office.  Once there Kel asks Johnny why he
wants the ranch.

Johnny tells Kel about his family ranch back in Montana and how much he misses it.

Kel wants Johnny to have the ranch so tells him “after our meeting with the director I will go with you to the realtor's office and we will work something out.”

Johnny agrees and also asks Kel not to tell anyone about him buying the ranch.

Kel agrees and goes back to work.  He says good bye to Johnny.


On the way home Johnny decides to stop at a grocery store to find empty carton to start packing. Johnny finds some and goes home to do just that.

Part 6

The next day Johnny meets Kel in his office and they both go up to the director's office. Once there they see Battalion Chef, Hank Stanley and Roy.  The director ushers all of them into his office and starts asking the Chef and Hank why Johnny got to the point where he quit.  They tell the director about Johnny's faults and the Phantom's pranks but they add that Johnny is the best paramedic beside Desoto.  Roy adds that Johnny knew how to do his job even though he was sometimes injured.  Also Roy adds that he would work with Johnny again no matter what happened.

The Chief add that he had not received Johnny's resignation from Hank. Hank states he did not send in the resignation hoping Johnny would come to his senses and return to station 51. Hank then tells
Johnny that Chet was put on leave for 2 weeks without pay.

Johnny looks at Hank and say it serve him right but what happens when he comes back.

Johnny I can guarantee that Chet won't pull as many pranks on you as he did that day.  Both the Chief and I had a talk with him and told him no more than 2 per shift.  We were going to make it no more pranks but we all know how boring the day gets sometimes.  Please just be satisfied to come back.” 

I don't know.  I wish you would have told him no pranks at all.  It seems with some of those pranks I get injured.  I can't afford to be in the hospital as much.”

Johnny, please come back we are the best paramedics, partners and friends.  We will handle Chet together.  I am sorry for not getting
involved before but I think between Mike, Marco, you and I we can out smart Chet.”

Roy, you, Mike and Marco never wanted to get involved before why now?”

Because we want you back. It won't be the same without you.  Please John, Please.”

Johnny is so undecided that the Chief tells him to take time off and think about what he wants to do.   Johnny asks for 3 weeks.  The Chief agrees.


Part 7


   Johnny and Kel enter the Realtors office and ask for Ruth.  The receptionist directs them to her office.  Kel explains how they know each other and wants to find some way that Johnny can buy the ranch without any worry.


Ruth explains a set up that could work but she will need the papers she gave Johnny to fill out.  Johnny hands the papers to her and she excuses herself out of the room.  Kelly tells Johnny not to worry that if this didn’t work out then he would pull out of this firm and they would settle it among themselves.


Ruth returns and tells them both that it would take a few days for everything to be in order.  Kelly and Johnny agree to come back when all papers were in order.


Ruth shows them to the door.  Kel goes back to work and Johnny goes home to pack thinking very positive on the deal.


About 8:00 pm that night Johnny gets a call from Ruth saying that everything is in order and the papers could be signed tomorrow. Ruth asks Johnny to meet at her office at 10:00 am in the morning.   Then Kelly calls to congrats Johnny on getting the ranch.


Johnny is so excited that he could not sleep.  Instead he keeps packing. Finally at midnight Johnny falls into bed exhausted.


At 7:00 am a knock on his door wakes Johnny.  He pulls on a pair of jean and goes to answer the knock.  Standing outside his door are Roy, Hank, Mike, and Marco.  They ask to come in but Johnny tells them no.


Roy gets upset at that and asks why?  Johnny states that his apartment is really a bad mess and doesn’t want them to see it.  Hank suggests that they all go out to breakfast.  All agree but Johnny.  He still is not sure if he wants back into this group.  They convince Johnny to go after he showers and dresses he meets the guy at Denny’s. 


They talk about how to get back at Chet but No plans are made positive.  After they eat Mike asks Johnny when he will be returning.  Johnny tells him in 3 weeks.  Marco feels so sorry for Johnny and tells so.


Johnny sits there thinking that maybe he should tell these guys about the ranch and then Roy says something that changes his mind.  Roy tells Johnny that isn’t he glad he didn’t buy that ranch.


Johnny tells them he has to go to an appointment and begins to leave.  Roy stares at Johnny for a moment, then gets up and follows Johnny out the door.


Getting to his truck Johnny hears his name called and finds Roy in front of him.  Roy tells Johnny he is very sorry for whatever he said.  Johnny tells Roy that he is use to it and not to mention it again.


Roy just stands there staring at Johnny who gets in his truck and drives away.


Johnny arrives at the realtors and meets up with Kelly Brackett in the parking lot.   Kelly notices that Johnny is upset.  He asks what is wrong and Johnny tells Kelly that Roy, Hank, Mike and Marco showed up this morning to talk and Roy asked him if he wasn’t glad to not have the ranch. Kel asks him why not tells Roy about buying the ranch and Johnny scuffles at that.  Johnny states that at this time no one is his friend.


Kel looks at Johnny and tells him that that is not true I, Dixie and Joe are your friend along with Roy, Hank, Mike, and Marco.


Johnny looks skeptical at Kelly. Kelly doesn’t say anymore.


They go in meet Ruth and sign the papers. Both Kelly and Ruth congratulate Johnny.  Johnny thanks them and invites both Ruth and Kelly to a cookout when he gets settled.  Both agree.


Kelly asks “if he could take both Johnny and Ruth out to celebrate now.”


Ruth declines but Johnny is undecided.  Kelly finally convinces him to go but they had to pick up Dixie too.  Kelly agreed and both leave after calling Dixie.


Kelly follows Johnny to his place then Johnny gets into Kelly’s car.  They pick up Dixie at her place then go to Alexander’s Restaurant.  As they pull in Johnny is a little worried that he is not dressed for the fancy place but Kel and Dixie assure him he looks fine.   


They go in and have a good time.


Part 8


   By the time the 3 weeks are up Johnny has made the ranch look really great. The roof was repaired. The porch and railing are painted. The screen door and shutters were replaced. Two of the windows on the second floor were replaced.


He still needed to do the flower beds next to the porch but the tree in the front yard was trim.  A side door on the house needed painting.  Also the barn need repainting but the fence was mended. 


Inside Johnny has put his furniture in the kitchen the stove, oven, and refrigerator were all about 5 years old so he didn’t need to replace them.  He repaired the fireplace and painted the walls. He put up shelves on one wall and on another wall added a Indian Rug.  He took out all rugs and refinished the floors. The bathroom down stair was fixed up so he could shower and shave.


The upstairs all need repainting and he also decided to tear down one of the walls and make the master bedroom bigger. He would get to that part later. 


Johnny still wanted to work on the house but knew it took money to buy and repair the things he needed.  The night before work he called Cap to see if he was still schedule.  He and Cap talked for an hour.  Cap wanted to come over to talk but Johnny wouldn’t let him.  None of the guys knew about Johnny buying the ranch. He told Cap that he would see him tomorrow.  Cap asks him if he was going to call Roy.  Johnny said no so Cap wished him a good night.


As Johnny is climbing into bed he is hoping everything goes well for his first day back.


Part 9


   Roy has been going nuts trying to find Johnny.  After Johnny drove off that day when they took him out to breakfast did Roy think something was really wrong with Johnny?  He has tried to call but got no answer.  The next time he tried to call he got a recorded message that the phone number was no longer in service.  Roy stopped by Johnny’s place but there was no answer to his knock and when he let himself in he found the place empty.  Roy could not believe it.  It looked like Johnny packed up all his belongings and took off.  He didn’t know what to do.  He called Cap and told him what he found. Cap advise him to give Johnny some space and wait when the 3 weeks were up to do anything more.  Roy couldn’t do that so he called Dr. Brackett.  He gets the same answer from him also.  Roy just hoped that Johnny would come back.  He missed his ‘Brother’ very much.


When Johnny pulled into the station, Roy was waiting for him. Roy walked up to Johnny as he got out of the truck and gave him a hug. Roy welcomes him back than asked where he has been. Johnny didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know if Roy would support or abandon him.   Roy followed Johnny into the station.


He was greeted by his shift mates, Kelly Brackett, Dixie McCall and C-shift.  There was a banner with “WELCOME BACK JOHNNY” hanging across the room.  Everyone greeted Johnny except Chet who stood in the back of the room with a very angry look on his face.   Chet wanted to pick up where he had left off, but couldn’t due it because of Cap and the other guys swearing revenge on Chet if any pranks are played on Johnny’s first day back.   


Roy saw the angry look on Chet’s face and went over to him. Roy reminded Chet that Johnny would not have left if not for him.


Chet told Roy that he had gone to Johnny’s apartment the day after to apologize but Johnny turned him away and then threaten him with bodily harm.


Roy told Chet that Johnny was still angry that morning. He had visited Johnny himself. Roy then went on to explain about Johnny wanting to work at Rampart with Brackett.


Chet now understood how much he had hurt Johnny. He walks over to Johnny.  He extended his hand and told Johnny how very sorry he was to pull so many pranks on him in one day and that he would keep it to two a shift or maybe even none. 


Johnny told Chet that he appreciated the jester and if he could to be patient with him.


C-shift left giving Johnny slaps on the back. 


Kelly, Joe and Dixie told Johnny they had to go also. Johnny asked them to wait he had an announcement to make. He looked at Kelly and gave him a nod.   


Johnny called everyone to attention and told them that he had bought the ranch from the newspaper article he showed the guys.  He told them that in two week they would have four days off.  He would like all the guys and their families to come out and they would have a barbeque.


Roy, Hank, Marco Chet and Mike jaws dropped.  They could not believe that he went ahead and bought the place.  Roy asked him why he went ahead with buying a run down old place.  Johnny turns to him and told him that with all the time he helped Roy around his place that this would be his very own to fix up.  The place looks great.  After he fixed up some thing within the three weeks he was off. 


Roy just could not believe Johnny did that without telling him.  He thought they were best fiends. 


All the guys congratulated Johnny and told him it sounded like a good idea.  Kel, Dix, and Joe congratulated him, welcome him back and left.


Johnny and Roy head to the locker room to change.


Part 10


   While changing Johnny invited Roy, Joanne and the kids see the place before the barbecue.  Roy told him he would have to ask Joanne but it sounded really good.


Roy tells Johnny how he had tried to call but got his answering machine. Later he got a message stating that the phone number was no longer in use. He even stopped by John’s apartment. He tells him how he found Johnny’s apartment empty and no word as to where he went.  Roy asks Johnny why he didn’t call him in the 3 weeks he was off. 


Johnny can see that this has really upset Roy. He told Roy how hurt he was that Roy talked him out of looking into buying the ranch to begin with and that he probably would have talked him out of it again. So instead of asking him for his advice or support he just went ahead and did what he wanted without consulting anyone.  Johnny also told Roy how Kelly Brackett inherited the ranch and helped Johnny get it.


Roy just shakes his head.  He thought his partner was smart but now knew just how smart.  He congratulates Johnny on buying the ranch and tells him he can’t wait to see it.


Johnny starts to tell Roy about the thing he did within the 3 weeks but Cap interrupt calling them for roll call.


Cap again welcomes Johnny back and hands out assignments.  Chet -  Latrine, Mike - Kitchen, Marco – Bay, Marco and Chet – Hoses, Roy – Dorm, Johnny – Locker room.   Cap also reads a notice from headquarters, and then dismisses everyone. 


Johnny and Roy head for the Squad for the morning check.  Johnny pulls the biphone and checks in with Rampart.  After checking their supplies, Roy tells Johnny they can wait to go to Rampart.


Johnny is ok with this and heads into the kitchen for coffee. Roy follows him.


Mike, Marco, and Chet are sitting around enjoying a cup of java before going to their assignments. 


Cap walks in and asks Johnny about his new place.  Johnny explains about calling the realtor, and seeing the ranch for the first time.   Right in the middle of telling them Brackett’s involvement the tones go off for a house fire and all are running for the engine and squad.


Part 11


   It was 5 hours later when both engine and squad return to the station, all are tired and hungry. No one was injured at the fire.  The house and garage were a lost. 


Cap gets out and heads for the dorm to shower.  He will go first, then Mike, Roy, Johnny, Marco and Chet.  While the rest are getting showers Mike and Cap get the making out for sandwiches.  No one say anything but all hope the tones don’t go off again. 


Roy asked Johnny “If the ranch he bought needed a lot of fixing up.”


Johnny says “yes but I got more than half done on the house. I repaired the roof and painted the porch and railing. I replaced the screen doors and shutters, also two of the windows on the second floor were replaced. I repaired the fireplace and painted the walls. I put up shelves on one wall and on another wall added an Indian rug.  I took out all rugs and refinished the floors. The bathroom down stair was fixed up so I could shower and shave. I mended the fence but the barn needs repainting. I still need to do the flower beds next to the porch but the tree in the front yard was trim.  A side door on the house needs painting.  I put my furniture in the kitchen and am sleeping there so I can fix up the upstairs.  The stove, oven, and refrigerator were all about 5 years old so I don’t need to replace them. Upstairs all need repainting. I also decided to tear down one of the walls and make the master bedroom bigger.


All the guys are amazed at the amount of work Johnny did on his ranch.


“Wow, you really did a lot to the place.  If you want my help just ask.”


Johnny is surprised by this offer but says “I could use the help if anybody is willing.”


Chet tells Johnny he would help him out. Cap, Mike and Marco also states they would be willing to help.


“Well pick a weekend that we have off and you can come help me knock the wall down and paint the upstairs. And Chet, the phantom is not allowed at my ranch.”


“Awe.” Starts Chet but gives in saying “the phantom will remain at the station period.”


“Alright let us get to our assignments before the tones go off.” Cap suggests   Just as they walk out the door it happens calling the squad out to a heart attack. 


The rest of the day and night was routine.  The squad is called out 6 more times and the engine was called out 4 times.


Part 12


   The next morning Roy talks to Joanne and she agrees to visit Johnny’s ranch later that morning. When Roy tells Johnny he gets a little upset but agrees.


Roy could see he is upset but stays quiet. 


After changing Johnny leaves without saying goodbye to anyone.


On the way home Johnny stops at the hardware and the grocery store.  He knew that with Roy’s family coming over he would need something to drink and eat.  He had been living on junk food for a while to save money.


When he pulled into his driveway Roy, Joanne, Chris and Jenny were waiting for him. As he gets out both Chris and Jenny run up and hug him.  He hugs them back and then greets both Roy and Joanne.


Roy grabs some grocery bags, He hands one to Jenny and two to Chris then grabs two more bags.  They follow Johnny into the house.  Joanne, Chris and Jenny help him put the food away.


The kitchen seemed crowded with Joanne, Chris, Jenny and Johnny plus Johnny’s furniture from his apartment in it so Roy went looking around the house seeing for the first time the extraordinary skills that Johnny has.  The wood floors were shinny but not slippery.  The living room was painted like a sponge was used and different designs added.  On the shelves were books and knick knacks that Roy had seen and some had not seen in Johnny’s apartment.  He saw an eagle with a feather in his mouth and a wolf howling at the moon.  He would ask Johnny about those when he had a chance.


The fireplace looked so inviting that he wish a fire was made and he could sit down in front of it.  A wood box stood next to the fireplace but was not filled at this time.


Going back into the kitchen he heard Joanne telling Johnny “how lost they all were when you didn’t call or stop by.”


Roy steps over to Johnny and pulls him into a hug saying “how much he missed him and that he felt like had lost a brother.”


Johnny is at first surprised by this but recovers enough to return the hug.  He tells Roy how much he missed him and wished that he would have trusted Roy a little more than he did.  Then he reminds Roy of the things he said to him when he mentioned buying the ranch at the station. Also how Roy agreed with everyone else that it was a stupid idea.   


Roy apologizes for what he said and how he reacted.  He told Johnny he thought he would loss the friendship they had when Johnny bought the ranch.


Johnny starts to say that no, they wouldn’t have but Roy interrupts him saying how really upset he was when Johnny excluded him in the last 4 weeks.


Johnny then apologizes to Roy for excluding him and for the abandonment feeling he had against Johnny.  Also he apologizes to Joanne, Chris and Jenny for abandoning them too. All three hug Johnny and Jenny and Joanne kiss Johnny’s cheek.


Johnny suggests that they put this behind them and start out fresh.  Everyone agrees.  He shows them around the house answering questions from all four. 


When Chris asks to see the barn, Johnny says no because it is not safe.


Chris gets upset but Roy puts a stop to his outbursts.


They go into the living room.  The kids and Joanne look around at Johnny’s things.  Roy asks about the eagle and wolf.  Johnny explains the significant of each one to Indian standards.  All Desoto’s are amazed.


Joanne asks if anyone is hungry and all agree. Roy and Johnny go into the kitchen to start fixing lunch.  They work side by side laughing and enjoying each others company.  Joanne, Chris, and Jenny hear the laughing and smile that all was well between them.


The End


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